Types of marine aquariums

Despite the relative complexity of care and higher compared to freshwater systems, the cost, the vast majority of our clients give their preference to marine aquariums. Not surprising: luxury and saturation of colors of the inhabitants of the “little sea”, an infinite number of design options suitable for any interior, bribe people, even first quite far from the aquarium. The presence of a marine aquarium in your home or office for many years, is a symbol of high quality life.

Due to higher demands to the conditions of its inhabitants, to care for a marine aquarium usually invite a specialist. However, the information that we publish in this section will undoubtedly be useful to every fan of the aquarium. So, depending on the complexity of living organisms, diversity of design and level of equipment can be divided into three main groups marine aquariums.

“Aquariums with marine fish”

The inhabitants of these aquariums are exclusively fish, and typically used stones, skeletons of corals and shells, or artificial decorations. The filtration system is represented by one or two external filters and sterilizer. This equipment is enough to content of many (but not all) species morsary. This option is the cheapest to implement, but with the right design looks very interesting and solid. The main disadvantage of this type of aquarium in the future, it is very difficult to redevelop (if, say, you decide to settle in invertebrates). But in this “small sea” to include even those fish that are completely excluded in other aquariums – for example, predators, or fans of corals, which in nature feed on attached invertebrates.

This type of aquarium will fit perfectly into the interior of the seats – those where opinion, not lingering on it for a long time, immediately “catches” the brightness of the design and movement of fish. In this case, for creating such a riot of colors does not require a large number of consumables (which automatically would affect the price), and the aquarium is the easiest to care for.

“Reef aquarium”

One of the differences of the Maritime aquarium from freshwater is the ability of its population, in addition to fish, many other sea life. Moreover, to observe the latter sometimes much more interesting. First of all, it is the invertebrates: this, of Course, are selected for aquarium fish, whose “diet” these animals are not included. The main elements of the design reef aquariums are the “living stones” that perform and important role in the filtration system. When you use “live rock” is relatively accurate simulation of the underwater landscape of warm seas that never leaves “voyeurs” indifferent.

In comparison with the previous variant, in the reef aquarium significantly different filtration system – invertebrates more sensitive than fish to water pollution. The filter elements are located in a special tank under the aquarium, and the water from the aquarium is discharged by gravity through the hole. With such a construction of the system appears able to accommodate special equipment, easier access to the elements of the system, and most importantly – there is always the possibility of improvement of the aquarium.

Much attention is paid to monitoring the quality of water and its chemical treatment. It should be noted that many invertebrates require a large amount of light of a certain quality, so no less carefully thought out lighting design of the aquarium. Reef marine aquarium – the most popular type marine aquarium: at a fairly low cost, it pleases all the owners what they actually expect from marine aquarium: stylish paint brightness and subtle exoticism of the inhabitants, but to watch them for hours.

The main disadvantage of reef aquarium – in “company” with invertebrates can contain all kinds of fish. In addition, most medications for fish are toxic to invertebrates, which means that in case of illness the treatment will be quite difficult. Another “but” about which we have already mentioned: for many invertebrates need a long and bright illumination, in which the impact of the walls of the aquarium are quickly covered with bloom, which means that for him often to take care of.

However, all these restrictions makes sense to consider only in case, if in the care of the aquarium you decide to do on their own: inviting to “watch over” his “little sea” specialist, you will hardly ever have to think about them.

“The reef aquarium with hard corals”

These aquariums are referred to as the “exhibition of achievements” of the aquarium. This is the most interesting, rare and high-status type of aquarium: tropical reef, as if magically transferred into an aquarium, in a good way is shocking.

Reef aquariums focus on invertebrates, so they have little or no fish, but there are hard corals and other “soft” organisms. To maintain the excellent quality of life in these aquariums and create exceptional water quality, the necessary high-tech filtration system is the acquisition and affects its fairly high cost.

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