TOP facts about the Black sea

Today is the international Black sea day. A few Crimeans know that the sea in which they so love to swim, listening to the sound of waves, breathe the sea breeze, in many ways unique. We offer you a selection of interesting facts about the Black sea.

1 – Mountains around the Black sea are constantly rising, and the sea itself increases. And if the mountains grow only a few inches per century, sea occurs on land with a speed of 20-25 cm over 100 years. Some ancient cities had already disappeared at the bottom of the sea.

2 – Among planktonic algae found in the Black sea, there is a very unusual view nochesvetka. She has the ability to Postretirement, and because of it in August, the Black sea is sometimes lit.


3 – the Only mass shark inhabiting the Black sea prickly shark Katran. He is afraid of people and rarely comes to shore. The only danger to humans represent the dorsal fins of crambe with large poisonous spikes.


4 – the Most dangerous fish of the Black sea is a sea dragon. The spines of its dorsal fin and Gill covers contain a strong poison. Known deaths of people after they were injured by sea dragons. Dangerous black sea Scorpion fish and Stingray with adviceline on the tail. It is called the fish-cat.

The dragon can hurt sting.

5 – From mammals living in the Black sea two species of dolphins (the Bonn conventions and the bottlenose Dolphin), harbour porpoise (Dolphin “azovka”) and white-bellied seal. Some of the species recorded in the Black sea through the Bosporus and Dardanelles.


6 – the Black sea is located in the heart of Eurasia, its waters on the boarder between Europe and Asia Minor. The greatest depth of the sea is 2210 meters, while the average is about 1240 meters. From West to East Black sea stretches at 1150 km and from North to South stretches for 580 kilometers. Our sea area is 422 thousand square kilometers.

Water in the Black sea is not very salty.

7 – Salinity water in the Black sea is much lower than in other seas. If the salinity of the Mediterranean sea is 37 ppm in the upper layers of the Black sea is 18‰, and the bottom a bit more – 22 ppm.

8 – Winter of the Black sea does not freeze completely. Only in the North-Western part (near Odessa) is a small stretch of sea is frozen for a short time. However in the Byzantine Chronicles, there is mention of a complete freezing of the Black sea (Pontus) in 401, and in 762 ad

9 – On the Black sea is not pronounced tides, and water circulation takes place only in the surface layers that are saturated with oxygen and is suitable for marine life.

10 – the Modern look the Black sea has gained about 8 thousand years ago in a devastating earthquake that split the land. There was the Bosphorus, connecting Black sea with the Mediterranean. As a result, the Black sea got salty Mediterranean water, which resulted in the deaths of a huge number of freshwater flora and fauna. Scientists believe that the decomposition of the remains of freshwater inhabitants in the depths of the Black sea led to the formation of huge amounts of hydrogen sulfide in the depths of the Black sea.

11 a Unique feature of the Black sea is complete (except some bacteria) the absence of life at depths greater than 150-200 meters due to the accumulation of hydrogen sulfide.

12 – the First mention of the Black sea are found in documents relating to the V century BC. It is on the Black sea, Jason and the Argonauts went to Colchis for the Golden fleece. The ancient Greek name of the sea — Pont Aksinsky, which means “Inhospitable sea”. It is assumed that the sea was named so because of difficulties with navigation. Later, after a successful exploration of the coast by Greek colonists, the sea became known as the Pontos euxeinos (“Hospitable sea”). Romanian Black sea is called “Mar Negro”.

Ancient mariners sea scared

13 – In the scheme of currents of the Black sea there are two huge closed cycle with a wavelength of 350-400 kilometers. In honor of oceanographer Nikolai Knipovich, who first described this scheme, it was called the “Glasses of the Knipovich”.

14 is the Only large Peninsula of the Black sea — Crimean. He stands far in the sea, and the length of its coast exceeds 2.5 thousand kilometers.

15 – In the Black sea is home to 2500 species of animals (for comparison, the Mediterranean is home to around 9000 species). At the bottom of the Black sea inhabited by mussels, oysters and shellfish-predator Rapana listed in the holds of ships from the Far East.


For more information: international Black sea action day is celebrated since 1996 when six black sea countries — Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine — signed the Strategic action plan on rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea. After the research of the marine environment was that its viability has deteriorated compared to the previous three decades. Black sea day is celebrated annually to draw international attention to what irreparable harm for the Black sea uncontrolled fishing, water pollution and global warming.

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