The scariest shark

Sometimes they amaze with their care. Dozens of sharks can swim around the bait piece, examining it. If the lure will make a sharp move, animals in the fear of reject to the side, and only after some time again start your study. However, the smell of blood (can smell hundreds of meters) leads the shark into a frenzy, and she forgets about any danger and if falls into madness.

And Woe to a living creature, including man, in this case, if it is in the way of insane lightning beasts with razor sharp teeth in powerful jaws.

Although each year from shark attacks, many people are killed, yet, in fairness, it should be noted that the shark is not the biggest danger to swimmers and bathers. Far more people die from the “communication” with a blue ringed octopus (one of the most poisonous creatures on Earth), burns, deadly jellyfish, some of whom are charged the strongest poison that he could invent nature.

Nevertheless, sharks are highly dreaded as the inhabitants of the underwater world and the person. For man, with his ability to fantasy, the picture is torn to pieces own flesh, which absorbs the monster who causes terror long before he gets into the underwater sea world and viditque in their natural habitat. Most divers claim that there is no more majestic and beautiful animal in the aquatic world than sailing a shark. And out of fear of opening eyes to the magnificent creation of nature. Of course, if a huge fish, with obvious signs of man-eater shark that’s heading in your direction, the nerves begin to recall the stories of the horrors and scenes from relevant films, but if you follow the rules of the underwater halls of residence and not to provoke a shark to attack, then most likely, nothing terrible won’t happen to you. Sharks very rarely attack divers, especially if the latter has the experience of immersion in company with these fish.

jaws and teeth shark

It is believed that more than 400 known species of sharks, only 12 can be attributed to the category of man-eating sharks, because there are documented facts unprovoked attacks of these predators on humans. There are a few species that are considered potentially dangerous, but of the documented cases of unprovoked attacks on humans by these sharks not. In addition to these monsters that can easily kill a person, there is a long list of sharks that may cause serious injury to your teeth. These sharks (and they are quite small) classified as hazardous animals. Attacks on people they do, as a rule, if the latter will provoke a shark to attack or have to defend myself. But this is special cases with light effects, which are not very afraid of the swimmers, so let’s try to understand why some species of sharks have gained a nasty reputation for man-eating shark.

It is clear that people cannot enter a traditional menu of sharks that were born millions of years before the appearance of humans on the planet. Most likely take the shark floundering in the water bather for a sick animal, and this is a call to feast. Apparently, in most cases, attacking the man does not understand the shark who is thrown into battle, the only thing she sees in this case the potential victim is helpless and easy prey.

In addition, the silhouette of a man, especially of the surfer on the Board, often similar to the shape of some marine life, but because it looks really good. Recognizing the mistake, the predator may be limited in poking the man, not floating teeth, or making a trial bite, to leave the victim alone. Although – what there rest. It’s hard to imagine a person who would be able to maintain his composure, feeling his body the sharpness of shark teeth. But now not about it.

Shark attacks on humans in the normal state is a rarity because these predators are, despite the impressive size and powerful “arms”, just cowardly. It is rare when an attack occurs as soon as you came in sight of sharks, even belonging to the species from the category of cannibals. This, of course, not a dogma – it is not in vain that the behavior of sharks it is hard to predict, but in most cases it is so. Or shark, having satisfied his curiosity, poglazev at the strange creature, will simply lose interest in him, or, having decided, after all, on a trial bite, throws the victim and swims away disappointed. Moreover, if the victim has had a good response.

Despite the soothing tone in the preceding lines, it should be noted that large and, moreover, tried once human blood sharks, especially species such as tiger, great white, bull shark, oceanic whitetip, Mako and other shark can attack humans without any preparation and study. The reason is in the fact that such major predators in the sea have no serious enemies and are the true hosts in their possessions. Any living creature appeared in the water, will certainly provide for them a food source and nothing more.

Attack of the sharks-cannibals, the value of which more than three meters will leave the victim very little chance of rescue, at least in mangled form. The speed, power, fearlessness, sharp teeth in powerful, press, the jaws and the instinct of a predator will do their dirty work. In addition, the shark as a true predator, trying to sneak up on the intended victim quietly and conduct a surprise attack. In such cases, the person realizes that he was attacked by a shark, just when you feel the pain of the bite. Often the victim and not enough time to see that the monster left him without legs or a piece of flesh and disappeared into the abyss. Fortunately, such cases are not very common. Usually in water the person is faced with smaller species of sharks behaving much more cautiously.

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