The pond in the country – a favorite vacation spot!

The choice of location for a garden pond

Before proceeding directly to the construction of a garden pond, it is necessary to think over carefully. With a rope it should be noted the border of the future reservoir and see whether it will be a harmonious look from different points of the garden. If the pond is assumed with the lights, then the cable should be laid in advance.

For the pond, choose a Sunny place, well, if it will be protected from the cold wind. Try to pick a place away from trees, or deciduous, their leaves will decompose and form gases and substances harmful to fish and promote algae growth. Especially harmful is the foliage of willow, Holly, horse chestnut and bobovnik. Ponds free-shape form is better positioned at the lowest area of the garden.

The choice of the form of a garden pond

Depending on site conditions there are two style design of the pond. Formal pond assumes the right shape geometric shapes – oval, square. It is regardless of the other elements of the garden. In this style are not permitted coastal plants. And in the reservoir it is necessary to have plants with leaves floating on the surface, and plants – oxygenators.

A pond free contours – the unity with other decorative elements of the garden. The best way he smotritsa shaped with irregular contours. In this embodiment, a garden pond must attend coastal plants to gently smooth it over the border.

For a small size site the best option would be a formal pond. If its area is not less than 4,5 sq. m. in it you can put fish and plant water lilies. If you have a plot large space, then the composition is superb add a pond free contours.

The choice of materials for the construction of a garden pond

Rectangular or square pond build, using the hackneyed phrases of the form or concrete. Made today and ready forms of various shapes – oval, round, triangular, ellipsoidal. We must remember that a reservoir with irregular contours will be hard to shoot film.

Over time the use of concrete in construction of various ponds remain in the past. This process requires certain skills and is quite time-consuming. Much easier to make a reservoir out of rigid forms. But the cheapest options, is manufactured by vacuum forming, short-lived. Therefore, the best option is to buy a form of fiberglass . When purchasing a pond from a rigid form, you will be limited to existing dimensions and shapes. A custom pond can be arrange with the help of insulating flexible material is a waterproof film that will tightly cling to the sides and the bottom of the pit under the action of pouring water. But the film is not suitable for water bodies with sharp corners. The best film will be a film of polyvinyl chloride . especially if it is laminated and reinforced with nylon. This film will last for at least ten years in operation.

Planting of plants and settling ponds with fish

When, finally, the pond is ready, do not rush to populate it with fish and plants. The water should stand for at least a week, then planted the plants, and only then start the fish. Coastal plants, water lilies need a few weeks to settle in. After that you can run into a pond of goldfish, shubunkins. The optimal time for planting is may-September. It is recommended that baskets of deep-water plants do not immediately plunge to the bottom, and initially put on a stand of bricks, dropping them over time lower and lower.

The most popular plant is the water Lily ponds . Its roots are in the bottom soil, and the flowers and leaves on the surface of the water. Water lilies help to maintain water clarity in a pond. Because its leaves, shading the water, prevent algae growth. Typically, lilies are planted in baskets with clay soil.

Running in the fish pond, you relive it. In turn, the living inhabitants will be able to cope with the problem of mosquito larvae and other insects. But the presence of fish is not a prerequisite for full existence of the reservoir. When choosing fish, one should proceed from the size of your pond. Even in the smallest size pond will be able to dwell in goldfish and shubunkin. Fish should not overfeed, they are able to support themselves food independently. Feed them once a day, giving such food that does not sink. After ten minutes uneaten food must be removed from the surface of the pond.

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