The clown fish.

Marine life, let living in the aquarium, always attract the eyes because of its brightness and unusual. Aquarium filled with algae bright, graceful fish, and mysterious caves, will definitely become the best decoration of the house. Among the inhabitants of a marine aquarium is quite common clown fish. This nimble fish became very popular after the animated film “finding Nemo”. Since then, many adults and children try to increase their knowledge about the aquarium to afford to have a marine aquarium with this beautiful fish.

Features of habitat

Inhabits the clown fish in the warm coastal areas of the Pacific and Indian oceans. This is a typical representative of tropical fauna. The clown fish, the life of which can be seen quite often in the sea lives in the tentacles of sea anemones. These anemones are poisonous, but the fish they do not touch. These two animals mutually beneficial cooperation: clown draws its kind predators. Rushing the fish, the predators themselves become the prey of sea anemones. What remains from the meal of the anemone, the clown goes. In addition, among the tentacles, he feels protected. Clown fish in the aquarium also needs anemona – if they are few, powerful individuals are more than replacing weak with polyps. However, if the tank has caves and shelters, sea anemones really need.


Among the anemones a clownfish stands out with its bright color. Whole body riciclato white, black and orange stripes. Edges of the fins feature a black border. Body plump, head short. The dorsal fin and the white stripe is divided into two parts.


We must not forget that the clown fish aquarium – marine fish. The care for these aquariums are much more complicated. But all the effort is worth it. Correctly arranged marine aquarium – not the cheapest pleasure. Equipment for keeping tropical marine conditions with a suitable capacity will cost about $ 600.

The minimum size aquarium for keeping clown fish: 80 cm – length, 45 height, and 35 cm width. This aquarium can hold up to three fish. It should be not a passing bright spot because fish are afraid of cooling.

How many goldfish may live in your home, you need to provide a reliable water filtration. Clown fish in an aquarium prefer clean water, so any dirt should be promptly removed.

Perfect for clowns, the salt level is 1.021-1.023. It is best to have a hydrometer to ensure the salinity. Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite should be kept to a minimum. Water changes at 20-25% should be done weekly. The optimum temperature for clowns – 25-26 degrees. Good neighbors for these fish are seahorses.


Clown fish absolutely nepriveredliv in food. These individuals well eat a special dry food, but if possible, it is best to feed them frozen brine shrimp or shrimps.


The clown fish has a very interesting system of reproduction. The fact that all of her fry are males. Further, after the formation of the pack, one of the fish becomes the female. The combat of the males becomes the manufacturer. It is much larger than the other.

The female lays eggs near Actinia. If no eggs can lay in a grotto or under a rock. Parents guard the eggs until hatching. In 8-10 days the larvae hatch. It’s better to transplant them immediately.

However, if for some reason the transplant does not work the fry, the male will take care of them. To protect and to look after the cubs it will be until their full maturity.

Clown fish aquarium has an interesting and unique abilities. If for some reason the female dies, the male-producer. He becomes a female and chooses a partner from the other group of males.

Besides changing sex, these fish are able to control your growth. So, a buck is much larger than the other males which hamper the growth of, not to be subjected to persecution. But if the manufacturer dies, contenders for his spot start to grow not just by hours, but literally. After the female chooses a partner, others again cease to grow.

Despite the fact that the clown fish prefer to live in sea anemones, make it optional. And for beginner aquarists, and is not recommended. The fact that you take care of it quite difficult, so it is better to put fish caves or cliffs.

Not only novice aquarists, but even lovers of fish with experience often choose for breeding the clowns, as they are able to bring a lot of joy to its owner.

Get clown fish can with practically any sea dweller. Only with frogs, sharks, fish, lion, sea devil and eel they are incompatible.

It is best to purchase a clown fish born in captivity, not caught in the wild. These fish will quickly become accustomed to new living conditions and will breed in the aquarium.

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