Storage of catch

Retention of fish caught

Retention of fish requires the angler skilled and decisive action. Quite commonly, because of inexperience or even excessive shyness freshly caught fish beats the ground or the bottom of the boat beneath the feet of the angler. And when she finally manages to pick up for long-term storage in the load it won’t work anymore. And cooking qualities of fish are significantly reduced.

Almost all peaceful fish, regardless of size and weight, after removal from the water is captured firmly by the back of the Gill covers. The stronger beats and resists the fish, the stronger must be its capture. In this case, the angler must remember that if the fish is supposed to store in a CORF, it is possible to shift the grip towards the Gill covers, especially under the gills, is unacceptable. Conversely, if fish is urgently preparing for the pan and storage is not intended, the pressure on the gills adjacent to the cavity must be quite strong. Such capture allows you to easily remove the hook from the esophagus. In the future, the fish intended for evisceration, outbreaks were sacrificed and laid in a cool place.

Predatory fish

The angler should remember that all predatory fish weighing more than 2 kg, in addition to sharp, and inogda impressive in size, fangs and spiny top fin (perch), stacked, bent inwards the torso of the teeth (pike) and razor-sharp notches along the perimeter of the Gill covers (perch), and has a number of additional spines and spines on the Gill covers, Gill flesh (organs of breathing) and torso adjacent to the head. Therefore, large specimens of the predator is desirable to take in hands in cotton gloves with elements of protection from the teeth and spines in the form of plastic protrusions (tubercles).

Predatory fish up to 2 kg keep well as fish of the carp family, in addition when pressing on the capture of the orbit ( Fig. 1 ). And yet, large predatory fish put on Kukan (pierce the bottom jaw pin cook) when the latter is in the net at the boat.

Very large specimens which are impossible to get into the boat, pressed the muzzle and belly to the side of the boat or brought to shallow water, after which put on Kukan. If the angler sees that supplied to the side of the boat the fish is exhausted after a long resistance and temporarily shows no signs of aggression (storing power for further struggle), the skillful angler is able to slowly put the fish to cook and bind it to Board the boat. In this case, the recovered fish will never break free.

Fig. 1.

Hold the fish:

and – small and medium pike;

b – pike over the eye;

in – tench, bream, gesture;

Mr. Bursch, perch, Zander. it is necessary to clasp a head, gradually shifting the hand to the tail. The gills and the dorsal fin is pressed against the body;

d – Eel and burbot using a cotton cloth or newspaper.

The puncture pin cook the lower jaw of a pike perch or a pike, as a rule, is usually late reaction. If Kukan durable, it is possible to break away from it the fish are not in condition, since the contour of her jaw bones are powerful, which is impossible to break through.

Attention! Almost all predatory fish in the capture of victims for a quick kill in its mouth emits toxic substances. So the contact with the fangs of a pike perch or a pike teeth are extremely painful, and sometimes dangerous to human life.

Even a minor scratch from fish teeth must be treated urgently and disen-fitiavana.

The extraction of the hook (hooks)

With the majority of fish family carp hook is removed after light pressure on the Gill cover behind the eye, after which the fish opens his mouth reflexively. The deep ingestion of a hook is removed by a surgical clip. The dimensions of the clip should always be commensurate with the anticipated size of fish caught. When you catch a big predatory fish hook or tee is extracted only using Sevnica, extractor and clip.

When removing the hook from the esophagus or involuntary damage to the Gill cavities of the fish for content on the cook becomes unusable.

Ways to hold the fish while extracting the hook considered in the previous subchapter.

Attention! If the fish has deeply swallowed the tee (fishing mugs and tackles), and there is a need for at least some time to keep her alive, the hook in the fish is left untouched. In this case, unfasten the buckle with the carabiner from the main line or cut the line above the lead.

For example, Sudak, zapotevshie deeply into the esophagus single hook No. 12-14 (domestic numbering) in the month of June (opening of fishing season) remains viable on the cook for 3-5 hours.

Storing fish on the cook

As mentioned in the previous sub-chapters, the only way to keep the fish alive as soon as possible to plant it on the cook. In a typical predator cages, which is vital, considerable space and good circulation of oxygen very quickly falls asleep. Especially when it relates to capricious perch, which even in multisection cages, with good oxygen regime remains alive not more than 30 minutes. Naturally, those who hunt only for a predator, for obvious reasons, do not use stationary cages. Even such fish as pike falls asleep in cages pretty quickly. Thus as a result of the lack of oxygen and metabolic disorders there is plenty of slezovydelenii, leading to a sharp decline in the nutritional value of the product.


At fishers in the course of quite a lot of variety in construction types Kukanov ( Fig. 2, 3, photo 1 ). But, despite significant differences in the forms, the requirements for them are very similar.

Cook needs:

is it easy to pierce the cartilage mandible of predatory fish;

to be simple in operation;

– possess elasticity, durability and not have residual deformations, withstanding a dynamic load of 20-25 kg;

– minimally injure the fish in the place of seizure;

– fasteners Kukanov raspolagayutsya on the main rope so that they planted fish do not restrict the activity of each other. The main cable shall withstand a tensile load of not less than 50-70 kg (boat cook). The remaining fasteners should not unbend even with a sharp toe behind the rocks, submerged stumps or branches of trees;

– number of fasteners on the Kukan defines himself angler, but should not be installed more than 20 of them on the boat and cook 5 – on the shore.

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