Sharks of the red sea

The red sea has become a byword for divers all over the world. Gorgeous flora and fauna, alluring coral reefs and amazing creatures of the deep sea… If someone raises the question, where better to relax in the summer. the answer is obvious: of course, on the Red sea!

Most importantly, things to be aware of all tourists vacationing in Egypt, and diving is about sharks! What to do and how to behave when you meet them? What kinds of sharks are dangerous and which can serve as the perfect models for underwater photography?

We will discuss the most common species sharks of the red sea, because all there are over thirty species!

Let’s start with the most dangerous species of sharks of the red sea. Topping the list is the tiger shark length from 3 to 6 meters weighing up to 900 kilograms. It eats fish, other sharks, dolphins, sea birds and turtles. However, do not hesitate to take garbage and carrion. There was a case when in the belly of a tiger shark found a hand grenade! Powerful jaws and broad teeth of the saw allow it to deal with any extraction. The appearance corresponds to its name – a large head with large eyes and a blunt snout on a large body, rolling in a long and narrow the tail section, the color is bluish-green, with dark spots and transverse bands. Aggressive and fearless: a few dozen registered dispropotionate tiger sharks swimmers.

Sharks of the red sea

Oceanic or oceanic whitetip the oceanic whitetip shark is easily distinguished from his fellows by a disproportionately long pectoral fins and a white spot on the top of the first dorsal fin. It reaches 4 meters in length with a maximum weight of 160 pounds. The body of the shark or bronze brown, light belly. Hunts alone, developing great speed, easily aroused by the smell of blood. The distinguishing feature of this shark species is unpredictability and the absence of fear. Victims of plane and shipwrecks in the open sea on the conscience of this shark species.

Korotkoplodnyh shark – “the Cheetah of the ocean.” This is the fastest kind of shark, manages to catch the sword-fish. The head is conical, with a rounded snout and large black eyes. The color is metallic, and white belly. Reach a length of 3-4 meters with a maximum weight of 570 kg. Prefer to hunt for fish and squid, but due to the size, speed and aggressiveness is considered dangerous to humans. Before the attack they lay eight, approaching the victim with wide open mouth.

Giant hammerhead shark reaches a length of 6 meters and weighs 450 kg. Powerful body a dark brown olive color. Can dive to depths of 300 meters. Eat fish, including their own juveniles, but the favourite prey – rays. Marked more than two dozen attacks by sharks on humans.

In addition, there are many low-risk species of sharks in the Red sea. For example, blacktip reef shark that prefers shallow water. Back and sides light brown, belly is white, the ends of the fins are clearly black. Does not exceed the length of 1.5-1.8 m and weighs 45 kg, can suffice for swimmers flippers and knees.

The white tip reef sharks are the tip of the first dorsal fin and upper tail blades white. The drooping corners of the mouth and prominent brow gives the face dissatisfied expression. reaches over 2 m in length and over 20 kg of weight, but is considered harmless. However, when the smell of blood easily becomes agitated and may bite.

Zebra shark cannot be confused with any other species of sharks of the red sea. Adults are grayish-yellow, with numerous dark spots. Young, on the contrary, spots and stripes scattered on a black background. Zebra can reach a length of up to 3.6 metres. During the daytime inactive. Repeatedly observed lying on the bottom, “sacrifces” pectoral fins in the sand. For swimmers does not represent any danger, being a favourite target for underwater shooting.

The whale shark is the biggest fish ever to appear in the waters of our planet. Adult specimens reach a length of 18 meters and a weight of 15 tons or more. Eat this shark plankton and is therefore absolutely harmless. Widely mouth Agape, they tracerout beneath the surface, flowing through their sieves up to 6,000 litres of water per hour.

As you can see, sharks are many and varied. After watching “Jaws”, it seems that they are all psychopathic killers. Actually it is not. Before the attack, irritated sharks of the red sea take a threatening posture, a hunched back, with his snout with open mouth and lowered pectoral fins. Then begin to swim in zigzags, and rude if the diver is not far behind, bite and quickly disappear.

There is a saying “let sleeping dogs lie”, now, don’t tease the sharks, and then all will be well. Sharks in the Red sea feel like home and you are guests. So do not tempt fate!

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