Red sea – most beautiful sea in the world

Red sea — most beautiful sea in the world . This title rightly belongs to him. Is the sea really fascinates by the diversity of colors and shapes.

The red sea is a tectonic depression and is an inland sea of the Indian ocean, it is the youngest and considered by many the most beautiful, interesting variety of flora and fauna.

Despite the fact that the Red sea is the most salty seas are part of oceans, it amazes even experienced divers the beauty and diversity of different creatures living in it. The red sea is the most salty because it, unlike all the other seas of the world, no freshwater flows into the river. Of course, it is much inferior to the salt content of the Dead sea, but it is known not to survive in fact a single living organism. The salinity of the beautiful red sea reaches 60 grams of salt per liter of water. In the Black sea – only 18 grams of salt per liter of water.

Besides, describing the Red sea, which is assigned to one of the 7 wonders of the underwater world, it must be remembered that it is also the warmest sea on Earth. All because its not only warm rays of the sun but also the earth surface, mantle, and in the Red sea, unlike other seas, from the depths, from the bottom podnimayutsya cold, but rather warm layers of water. In winter the water is heated to 21 – 23 degrees Celsius, and in summer even up to +30. Largely because of the high temperature of sea water and its continuous evaporation of this sea is the most saline in the world after the Dead.

The red sea is a Paradise for divers, anglers and people who love spearfishing. Is only to wear a mask and take the tube as near the coast you can see the wonderful, fascinating underwater world with a wide variety of colorful corals, sea urchins, sponges, and fish. Sometimes it seems that each species competes with the other for brightness of color and complexity of the external forms. Warm and amazingly clear waters here allow to dwell in the many species of underwater flora and fauna, most of which are endemic. Life underwater of this beautiful sea boils and never stops, even late at night.

Today in the waters of this sea were discovered and described nearly 1,500 invertebrates, and almost as many species of fish. While surprised by the fact that in the opinion of ichthyologists, now open not more than 60 percent of the inhabitants of the waters of this salty Paradise, because its depth is three kilometers, and this allows us to say that many deep-sea fish of these waters is not yet known to science. To date, opened only forty-three species of fish that live at considerable depths. The interesting fact is that in the Red sea about 30% of the creatures that live in the Northern part of the sea can’t live in the southern part. Seems to be some invisible border, which makes them to move from the North to the South. Thus the chemical composition and temperature leading in these areas are almost identical. Perhaps the reason is hidden in the word “almost”? Thanks to a fairly high temperature on a narrow strip of water of this sea, which stretches along the steep banks, formed some of the most beautiful and luxurious coral reefs on our planet. These reefs belong to the youngest on Earth, only a 6-7tys. years. In it at the moment discovered and described formally studied 177 different species of corals, many of them are usually found in the Equatorial seas, to 2,5 thousand kilometers to the South. A dense coral cover is the habitat of over a thousand species of fish, about one-third of which is found here and nowhere else.

Despite all the wonders of the beauty of the underwater world, this sea of course, conceals a lot of dangers. And to many tourists it is known that to touch the most beautiful corals, unusual sponges or jellyfish in the sea is dangerous and prohibited. Guides warn about this and write it in every tourist brochure. It must be remembered that a serious injection of sea urchin or a bite of sharp-toothed Moray eels, poisonous snakes underwater that leads to burn, various allergic reactions, a large blood loss, and in rare cases even death of the victim.

In the depths of the red sea, there are 44 species of sharks. Of course some of them are quite harmless creatures that live only at great depths and feed exclusively on plankton or small fish. However, among them are dangerous to humans species: tiger shark, which often attacks people for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, in recent years, increasingly began to occur attacks of tiger sharks on humans, which often ended fatally. There is evidence that it also inhabits the great white shark, scientists believe killing machine. These facts were not confirmed exactly, but it should be remembered that to go in the sea the great white shark can through the Suez canal from the Mediterranean sea. So if a tourist saw in the clear sea water big fish, he certainly needs to get out of the water.

Undoubtedly, in the Red sea there is very dangerous for people species of invertebrates, sea urchins, sharks and snakes. But, if you follow the guidelines, listen carefully to the instructors, virtually any danger will bypass the tourist side and he will discover the amazing and incredibly colorful world that can only be seen in the Red sea — most beautiful sea in the world.

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