On the Black sea be afraid of a sea dragon

As reported by Snews.bg, biologists are sounding the alarm: nearly previously harmless fish under the formidable name of “sea dragon” has suddenly become poisonous to people, rather the prick of thorns on her back.

The more it is dangerous, because its population in the Black sea over the last few years has grown in 10 times.

On the Bulgarian coast during the summer season, there have been about 100 cases of people defeat sea dragon. In Burgas was a case where the hospital brought the British teenager vacationing in Sunny beach, which was swollen with numb hands and feet, could not speak, around the lips foam. At first, doctors thought that a teenager alcohol poisoning, but alcohol in blood was found. When a guy is able to speak, he told the doctors about the strange fish and the prick of its thorn.

In General, that the fish was poisonous and in addition the population has increased also and toxicity in fish. So here is a small article about this Sea dragon for those who are going on Black sea:

Weeverfish (Trachinidae)

The most poisonous fish not only our seas, but also the entire European continent is the sea dragon, Scorpion fish or snake. The fish has an elongated body (up to 40 cm and weight of 300 g), flattened laterally. Lower jaw longer than upper, mouth with small teeth, and dovolnotaki. The eyes are located on the upper side of the head. Two dorsal fins and a few abdominal set on the throat. Sea dragon has a brownish-yellow back spotted with darker ragged stripes and light belly.

There are five species of sea dragons. They live off the coast of Europe, the Northern and Western coasts of Africa and off the coast of Chile.

Sea dragons live mainly in shallow bays and coves with sandy or muddy bottom. Usually they burrow into soft soil so that it is visible only the upper part of the head, mouth, eyes and spines of the dorsal fin. But this passivity only apparent. The dragon can instantly pop out from his hiding place and with unerring precision to stab the victim with a poisoned thorn.

Because of the latent way of life and a lot of aggressiveness dragons is very dangerous for everyone who swims near the shore, scuba diving, diving or simply wandering barefoot through the shallow water. If accidentally stepping on a sea dragon bare foot or to catch fish by hand, she is unable to use anchors in the body of the “offender” sharp spikes. Even with a dead dragon must be handled very carefully so as not to prick his spine.

Sea dragons are some of the most venomous fish in the temperate zone. The thorns are deep furrows. In these furrows and at the base of the thorns are poisonous glands. When shot a poisonous thorn there is an excruciating, sharp or stabbing pain that without treatment lasts several hours or even a whole day. It is so strong that the victim yells, rushing and sometimes desperate attempts to be discarded. The affected limb becomes inflamed and swells.

Depending on the depth of the injection site and fish size effects of lesions can be different. First felt the burning pain at the injury site. The skin around the wound is red, there is swelling, headache, fever, profuse sweating, heart pain, weakened breathing. There may come a paralysis of the extremities, and in the most severe cases — death. Usually, however, the prognosis for life and health favorable. All the phenomena of poisoning are 2-3 days, but in the wound may develop a secondary infection, necrosis and sluggish present (3 months) ulcer.

How can that be, if a person has received an injection of poisonous fish?

First of all, you must immediately vigorously mouth to suck the venom out with the blood within 10 minutes. The extracting liquid need to quickly spit out. No need to fear the action of the toxin contained in the saliva bactericidal substances reliably protect against poisoning. After that, the affected area should be washed with a strong solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide and apply a sterile dressing. Then give the victim a painkiller. Requires immediate hospitalization.

To avoid the injections actively-venomous fish, divers, divers, divers, tourists and vacationers just by the sea it is necessary to know the appearance of these fish and to observe the following precautions:

– Never try to grab the fish unprotected hand.

– It is also dangerous to poke hands underwater caves — they can stumble upon hidden dragon.

– Lovers of walking barefoot on the beach in the strip of tint you need to carefully look at his feet. Sea dragons are often left in damp sand after the retreat of water and they are easy to come by.

– Don’t touch even a dead animal, because the poison remains in force for the next several days.

Here, for example, a diver decided to take pictures of this fish and she attacked him:

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