Marine fish, family holidays by the sea

The long-awaited relaxation of mind and body vacation. You go to sea, to warm side, to enjoy the sea climate. But remember that the sea is not so safe place to stay. Sea creatures every year manage to spoil the rest 160 million people. They do not spare the health of neither women nor children nor the elderly.

The further South you go, the more dangerous jellyfish

The most harmless jellyfish that “the Russians” and “Ukrainians”. Stinging nettle is not the strongest and highlighted them mucus harmful only if it enters the eyes. In the coastal waters of the Canary Islands waiting for the unwary bathers pirate – Portuguese boat, a very beautiful jellyfish with a red crest and multicolored bubble-sail. Many jellyfish live in the coastal waters of Thailand. The Australian sea wasp kills with a light touch tentacles, which, by the way, can wander in and of themselves, without losing the murderous qualities. Pay for familiarity with the sea wasp, at best, severe burns and lacerations, at worst – life. “Kiss” tropical jellyfish spoil your appearance for 5-6 weeks. The affected area should be lubricated with food vinegar and to remove adherent tentacles. In the future the affected area to lubricate sintomitsinovoy emulsion. In severe cases need injection obezbolivauschaya. As a prevention you should know that the jellyfish after a storm beaten shore.

Phlegmatic a tight grip

The so-called sea urchins. In appearance it is white and furry creatures that burrow into the sand or rocks, hide in the coral reefs of warm seas. Hedgehogs full and on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and in Croatia, and Egypt. And although most of the needles they do not contain poison, can still deliver a lot of trouble, if you dig into the body. And if you disturb someone from venomous echinoderms, such as the hedgehog, nicknamed the diadem, the problems will be even more painful shock, temporary paralysis and long-lasting unpleasant treatment. If You still hedgehog caught her with a needle, it is necessary to hold the injured place in hot water for half an hour, to try to remove the needle. Regularly treat the wound with antiseptics and to watch closely so as not began festering. Be extremely careful in the coastal strip.

Mean spirited – akantaster

Or the crown of thorns. One of the most harmful sea stars. Itself is beautiful and constantly puts their appeal on display. The place of residence of marine beauty this coral thickets (e.g., in Egypt). You can find it on the eight rays (the stars are usually harmless five) with spikes on the ends. Poisonous needles easily break off in human skin and cause inflammation, swelling, vomiting, and dizziness. If You are Affected area of the body should be immediately placed in hot water (not less than 50 °C), then clean the wound and apply antiseptic. For further treatment use antibiotics. prescribed by a doctor.

They are protected by law. In Egypt, Israel, Thailand and the Maldives You will be able to see the luxurious inhabitants of the marine realm. Poison “conventional” reef corals toxic to humans and causes “only” burns and blisters on the skin. And remember that corals can’t move, which means that if You do not bother, they will not touch You. But the fire coral will leave a mark on Your skin, as if red hot iron. Sea flowers – background – is also fraught with berries on the skin. If You are not able to avoid a handshake with coral, we must first food vinegar the affected area. And then apply it on the skin sintomitsinovoy emulsion.

On coral reefs inexperienced “trofeyschikov” wait are very beautiful clams – cones. Beware, because its only a thin tooth cone bites, so that does not seem little. The pain is unbearable and toxins entering the bloodstream, first cause all the symptoms of poisoning, and in the absence of skilled assistance can lead to death by suffocation. Emergency assistance will serve only imposed a tight bandage on the affected area of the body to visit the doctor. Self-treatment in this case it is better not to do.

The real enemy of humanity

The so-called octopus. The more cephalopods, the farther it is hidden from the eyes of men, and even fish. When the accidental meeting of such a giant will release an ink cloud and threateningly waving tentacles – watch out, they say! But the small blue-ringed octopuses that live in shallow waters in the Indian ocean, is angry, and his body appear blue, purple and Magenta rings. The injection of poison of the beak causes paralysis of the muscles, and a person can die from suffocation. When they bite you, at least in the palm immediately call your doctor. And until his arrival, it is necessary that someone has done to you artificial respiration and indirect heart massage, if you lose consciousness.

Tropical fish

Fish are different – yellow, white, red. Especially a lot of beauties in the Red sea. But 70% of luxury tropical fish poisoned in all possible parts of the body. Poisonous spines on the gills are reddish-purple beauties – fish-Zebra (striped lionfish), and have thorns on the body ugly and poisonous fish – stone (borodavchenko). It’s deadly counterpart. A ramp-hvostokol (a sea cat), though not particularly toxic, but always ready to strike with a spiked tail – laceration stuck with needles and mild poisoning You provided. The difficulty is that often, the Stingray buries itself in the sand and it is easily mistaken for ordinary stone. Specific treatment, such as a “bite” of the fish-stone, man had not yet invented. So we can only hope on your luck and looking for someone nice who is waiting for a doctor will make you CPR. Not be saved, so at least natseluetes before death. Marine life is dangerous not only in contact with them, but also in the use. If You are not an enemy to your health, then treat tasting sea delicacies is no less serious. Eating some Moray eels, groupers, barracudas, surgeon fish and fish-parrot may cause intestinal, and even neurological disorders. And certain types of mullet and sultanok will provide gourmet whole day hallucinations.

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