Sea aquariums has recently become increasingly popular.

In Europe and America marine aquarium, a phenomenon long familiar, and Russia, the level of development of the marine aquarium, a little ahead of Ukraine.

Although, in fairness, it should be noted that the oldest existing public marine aquarium is located in Sevastopol. Now, the presence of a marine aquarium at home or office likewise the statement that “life is good”.

To have a marine aquarium is prestigious and beautiful, and, finally, very, very interesting. Marine aquarium you can simply admire, and can be observed to the limit of detailed, complex and fascinating world of the coral reef.

But there are a number of factors that hinder the development of this area of the aquarium. And it’s not just a financial issue. Although the creation of a marine aquarium is an expensive enterprise, but the main factor, in my opinion, is the lack of information on the merits. Tell friends about your desire to start a marine aquarium and you’ll probably hear something like: “But it’s so hard.”, “Here’s so-and-so did and, as a result, all fish died, corals missing…” etc., This reaction is quite understandable. The unknown is always, to put it mildly, alarming.

What is marine aquarium? First of all, it is a glass container filled with sea water and populated marine life.Population structures of marine aquariums are divided into two types — aquarium with marine fish and reef aquarium. Aquarium with marine fish, as the name implies, was populated by marine fish and some invertebrates (mainly some species of sea stars and sea urchins). Reef aquarium besides the fish inhabits a large number of corals, anemones, shrimps, fan worms, and creates a picture of a coral reef. When designing this aquarium, for lighting it is better to use metal-halogen lamps. Conventional fluorescent lamps may be insufficient for the existence of corals and anemones.

Proper lighting also allows you to more fully show the coloration of marine fish, the variety of which is huge — it scurrying among corals and small bright pomacentridae with tens of species; predatory lionfish, which may symbolize marine aquarium; prepodobnyi Moray eels, amazing seahorses, and noble “angels of the fish,” triggerfish — fish with interesting behavior, but very quarrelsome nature, and, finally, the memorable and inimitable clown fish that live in symbiosis with Actinia.

Visitors of our salon frequently asked question: “Where does the sea water for the aquarium?”. It’s very simple: special salt for marine aquariums is dissolved in the desalinated water, tap water is not suitable for this purpose. Demineralized water is convenient to obtain using the reverse osmosis system. Water purified by reverse osmosis is also used for the topping in a saltwater aquarium to replace evaporated.

Received sea water is an excellent conductor. Therefore, in a marine aquarium be sure to provides a special grounding electrode! This electrode is made of titanium, like other metals in seawater corrode quickly. For this reason, all the equipment for a saltwater aquarium should not have metallic parts in contact with the water.

The filtration system of a saltwater aquarium is difficult enough, and compared to a freshwater aquarium, larger volume. Regardless of whether you plan an aquarium with fish only or a reef tank, you need to install an outdoor external filter, in which the collector is necessary equipment. The equipment must be included biofilter, protein skimmer heater, UV sterilizer, heater with thermostat.

Protein skimmer column is used to remove aquarium organic matter deposited on the surface of the foam in a reaction chamber. This foam collects in a special container, which is periodically cleaned. Freshwater aquarium protein skimmer column is not applicable, as the active foaming only occurs in seawater, which is denser.

The necessary agitation of the water (at least four of the volume of the aquarium per hour) is provided by placing in the tank mixing pumps.

For registration marine aquarium are “living stones”. “Living stones” are stones taken from the coral reef and in the wet state taken to a pet store or a company engaged in the manufacture of aquariums. “Living stones” is very porous, inhabited by a huge number of natural microflora and microfauna, and are powerful natural biogeological filter.

Biological filtration is the process of decomposition of specific bacteria fish waste. “Living stones” are already a natural set of bacteria. Formed from the skeletons of dead corals, they consist of a large number of tiny tubes, which are the natural “apartments” for billions of beneficial bacteria.

Therefore, their importance in the process of installing biological balance in the marine aquarium it is hard to overestimate.

The filling of the saltwater aquarium fish and invertebrates gradually. This is due to the fact that the biological filter “Matures” slowly. For that he has earned in full force, you have to wait until the biomass of bacteria reach the required number. This process takes on average 4-8 weeks, during which there is a gradual zasadka aquarium fish and invertebrates. Finally, the biological balance in the aquarium is installed in 3-6 months. And only after this time it is recommended to put in aquarium corals. It is very important to know when planning the creation of a marine aquarium. Even an experienced professional will not be able to quickly provide you “ready image”. We can draw an analogy with the birth of the child if they need 9 months, then 9, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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