“Fish farm” in your own garden

Who of us at least once in your life nalyubovatsya the beauty of the water surface at sunset or sunrise? Water attracts, fascinates. But not everyone can boast of a nearby lake, river or even a sleepy pond. In this case, the only way to enjoy the contemplation of the water world — to build on the site of the fish pond.

There are several types of artificial water bodies:

decorative ponds

functional pools

“live” or “fish” ponds

The most diverse decorative ponds. They may have different sizes and shapes. For decorating ponds of this type use stones, small architectural forms, arrange fountains and flower beds.

Functional pools extremely practical. They can be used for swimming, ensuring the safety of the country house or to carry any other function. When the device of the ponds of this type the focus is not aesthetic issues, and convenience of use. Continue reading

Sharks of the red sea

The red sea has become a byword for divers all over the world. Gorgeous flora and fauna, alluring coral reefs and amazing creatures of the deep sea… If someone raises the question, where better to relax in the summer. the answer is obvious: of course, on the Red sea!

Most importantly, things to be aware of all tourists vacationing in Egypt, and diving is about sharks! What to do and how to behave when you meet them? What kinds of sharks are dangerous and which can serve as the perfect models for underwater photography?

We will discuss the most common species sharks of the red sea, because all there are over thirty species!

Let’s start with the most dangerous species of sharks of the red sea. Topping the list is the tiger shark length from 3 to 6 meters weighing up to 900 kilograms. It eats fish, other sharks, dolphins, sea birds and turtles. However, do not hesitate to take garbage and carrion. There was a case when in the belly of a tiger shark found a hand grenade! Powerful jaws and broad teeth of the saw allow it to deal with any extraction. The appearance corresponds to its name – a large head with large eyes and a blunt snout on a large body, rolling in a long and narrow the tail section, the color is bluish-green, with dark spots and transverse bands. Aggressive and fearless: a few dozen registered dispropotionate tiger sharks swimmers. Continue reading

Predatory fish

The enemies of the perch a lot, and if it is almost everywhere in large numbers, it is only because of its simplicity and strong reproduction. All the predators – catfish, pike, pikeperch, burbot – not disdain them, sometimes catfish and pike almost prefer this to other fish; large perch eat small. Water birds and osprey also catch a lot of perch. The eggs it consumed other fish, especially char (in the North and stickleback) and water birds often die from calm, as mentioned above, or, alternatively, strong winds, some throw it on the shore. Perch often becomes a victim of his own greed: it happens that caught the fish praskolesy in the side Gill slit, which was getting worse, and dies together with the predator; sometimes also that bass is attacking stickleback and she is mortally wounded by his erect dorsal spines. Quite often he is exposed to the attack of parasites, especially in stagnant waters: in the guts he has often found a tape worm, and in the mouth he lives a special kind of parasitic crustacean, the so-called Oconee. In ponds and lakes, though not all, a huge amount of bass dies in winter from lack of air. The so-called spirit – spirane harmful gases acts on them before for pike, perch and roach, i.e., they snoot before these fish.

For this last exception, the majority of bass die, becoming food for humans.But, despite their large numbers, they do not have such commercial value as, for example, greater numbers of herring and Caspian roach and more valuable, and large bream, carp and perch; in the selling trade he is only salted or in frozen form and mostly used for local consumption. Continue reading

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