What fish can be grown in a pond

It’s nice to fish a big fish. But in heavily overgrown pond is unlikely to survive such pond fish as carp, carp, etc. Of relatively large life in such conditions will survive Golden carp, tench and snakehead. Fish “for contemplation” is a koi or goldfish – in a kelp forest you will not see them. Only small unpretentious fish – Rudd, the rotan, veriplace, etc. – there will be quite comfortable.

To calculate how many fish you can run into a pond, simple. The rule is that each fish the length of a finger requires at least 50 litres of water.

Another method is based on the ratio of the surface area of the reservoir and length of the fish’s body. So, the fish is 5 cm long requires 0.2 square meter of surface area of the reservoir. For growing major types of norms other: here on the one fish you need to leave a 2.5 square meter surface of the reservoir.

Easiest way to populate the pond gobies-by Rotana . By the way, for those fish pumps and other expensive equipment is not required. In length of Rotana can reach 25 centimeters, although their size usually does not exceed 8-10 cm. Rotan is extremely unpretentious, often demonstriruyut fantastic survivability. He can dwell in different bodies, even those where there is almost no oxygen and the water is dirty so that the other fish do not survive there. Rotana amazingly resilient, can versati in the ice in the winter, revive in the spring. Continue reading

Predatory fish

The enemies of the perch a lot, and if it is almost everywhere in large numbers, it is only because of its simplicity and strong reproduction. All the predators – catfish, pike, pikeperch, burbot – not disdain them, sometimes catfish and pike almost prefer this to other fish; large perch eat small. Water birds and osprey also catch a lot of perch. The eggs it consumed other fish, especially char (in the North and stickleback) and water birds often die from calm, as mentioned above, or, alternatively, strong winds, some throw it on the shore. Perch often becomes a victim of his own greed: it happens that caught the fish praskolesy in the side Gill slit, which was getting worse, and dies together with the predator; sometimes also that bass is attacking stickleback and she is mortally wounded by his erect dorsal spines. Quite often he is exposed to the attack of parasites, especially in stagnant waters: in the guts he has often found a tape worm, and in the mouth he lives a special kind of parasitic crustacean, the so-called Oconee. In ponds and lakes, though not all, a huge amount of bass dies in winter from lack of air. The so-called spirit – spirane harmful gases acts on them before for pike, perch and roach, i.e., they snoot before these fish.

For this last exception, the majority of bass die, becoming food for humans.But, despite their large numbers, they do not have such commercial value as, for example, greater numbers of herring and Caspian roach and more valuable, and large bream, carp and perch; in the selling trade he is only salted or in frozen form and mostly used for local consumption. Continue reading

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