Predatory fish

The enemies of the perch a lot, and if it is almost everywhere in large numbers, it is only because of its simplicity and strong reproduction. All the predators – catfish, pike, pikeperch, burbot – not disdain them, sometimes catfish and pike almost prefer this to other fish; large perch eat small. Water birds and osprey also catch a lot of perch. The eggs it consumed other fish, especially char (in the North and stickleback) and water birds often die from calm, as mentioned above, or, alternatively, strong winds, some throw it on the shore. Perch often becomes a victim of his own greed: it happens that caught the fish praskolesy in the side Gill slit, which was getting worse, and dies together with the predator; sometimes also that bass is attacking stickleback and she is mortally wounded by his erect dorsal spines. Quite often he is exposed to the attack of parasites, especially in stagnant waters: in the guts he has often found a tape worm, and in the mouth he lives a special kind of parasitic crustacean, the so-called Oconee. In ponds and lakes, though not all, a huge amount of bass dies in winter from lack of air. The so-called spirit – spirane harmful gases acts on them before for pike, perch and roach, i.e., they snoot before these fish.

For this last exception, the majority of bass die, becoming food for humans.But, despite their large numbers, they do not have such commercial value as, for example, greater numbers of herring and Caspian roach and more valuable, and large bream, carp and perch; in the selling trade he is only salted or in frozen form and mostly used for local consumption. Continue reading

Sea menu for the child

About the absolute benefit of seafood is known to all. These useful products are a must in the menu of children.

Minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron), trace elements (iodine, fluorine), vitamins (A, D, E, B2, B12, PP), polyunsaturated fatty acids – all in sufficient quantities is contained in seafood and is very useful for strengthening the immune, nervous system and mental activity. Besides sea food, low-calorie and contain a lot of protein that is easily digestible.

Therefore, marine fish, shrimp, oysters, octopus, squid, mussels, red and black caviar, sea cabbage and other seafood be sure to enter in the child’s diet. But don’t rush – many children they can cause allergies, and taste many of them quite specific, to them love, they need to understand.

When and where to start

Fish. Many pediatricians agree that a child to offer the species of fish closer to year. The other half claims not earlier than in 2-3 years. So leave this matter to the discretion of the mother – there’s no one better knows the kid, and all the children individually. Continue reading

In Abkhazia where the best fishing?

In Abkhazia can be enjoyed fishing. Freshwater fishing is the main place that the mountain rivers and lakes. If You are resting in Gagra, or nearby, you can go fishing on the river Bzyb. It is the deepest river in Abkhazia and in it dwells a lot of fish. Caught here the nase, trout, riffle minnow, and if lucky, you can catch a pike. In Abkhazia there are many lakes on which to fish will be interesting. In the lakes you can catch trout and whitefish. In the area of Pitsunda Cape is lake Inkit, it nourishes the river Bzyb. On the lake fishermen catch carp and carp. The nature of these magnificent places and You will get great pleasure from fishing.

Where I think the best for everybody. In addition to river fishing and lake in Abkhazia is rather well-developed fishing in the Black sea. The black sea waters of Abkhazia – is a great place for sea fishing. The diversity of the fauna in the Black sea is considered a much richer and better than in the Caspian sea. The most interesting and productive fishing is believed to be on the boat from spinning. In autumn you can gradually catch from the pier when the mackerel, it is more important, but gradually. At other times of the year from the pier caught a medium-sized, shallow coastal fish: fish-Scorpions, zelenuha, sea ruff. The Pisces-Scorpio are adivities, nevertheless its meat is edible. Continue reading

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