International Black sea day

International Black sea day (International Black Sea Day) is celebrated to commemorate the day in 1996 when six black sea countries — Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine — signed the Strategic action plan on rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea .

This Plan was developed after a thorough research of the marine environment, which showed that its viability has deteriorated significantly in comparison with the previous three decades.

Its main purpose was to draw international attention to what irreparable damage to the sea causes overfishing, water pollution and global warming .

On this day in the participating countries this document a variety of activities devoted to the problems of the Black sea and preserving its unique ecosystem. Their main aim is the formation of public opinion in defense of the sea and facilitation of education of ecological culture of the population.

Fishing on the Black sea

On the Black sea can be successfully catch fish with spinning. For those who first planned to go fishing on the Black sea will give recommendations on caring for gear and introduce undesirable for a catch and even dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea: a sea Scorpion and a dragon.

Care gear after fishing at sea

To cystine suffered from the sea water after fishing, wipe the coil with a cloth dampened with fresh water and drip oil on the roller line layer. After a series of sea fishing there is a sense to carry out major servicing of equipment. Himself spinning and ring can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove salt. Jig snap, lures and baits should be soaked in soap solution for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse it under the tap and dry on the newspaper. Otherwise, the gear will quickly cover the rust, and sea minerals can leave traces of corrosion even on expensive lures.

The Scorpion and the sea dragon – poisonous fish of the Black sea

Fishing in the Black sea it is possible that the hook may catch a poisonous fish which can spoil the entire vacation and cause damage to the health is the Scorpion and sea dragon.

The Scorpion is just one of the many names of this fish. It is also called marine bristle brush, skorpidi and biologists they call in Latin, Scorpaena porcus. The nature of this beast of prey. Their prey waiting for the Scorpion lying on the bottom, somewhere in the coastal waters. Therefore, with high probability we can say that Your hook will be its next victim.

Scorpion fish have a short (to 40 cm) thick body with a large head and round eyes. Smile of sea ruff can wide mouth in which a lot of small teeth. To unambiguously describe color Scorpion fish is almost impossible: the fish its shape follows the patterns of DNA that allow him to merge in the process of hunting. In different places you can meet black and white sea perch, dark brown, and reddish-brown version. Complement the camouflage randomly located strips and spots. Distinctive and common to all the bet are leathery spines above the eyes and poisonous rays. A poisoned needle is located on the front dorsal fin and Gill covers, and can also come across on the ventral and anal fins.

Of course, the Scorpion will not attack You, but to stumble upon a poisonous beam can, when you remove the catch off the hook. The venom of this marine life is not fatal to humans, but the effects of such injections – many days of searing pain. In addition to this slime Scorpion fish also contains toxic substances and is in contact with a fresh open wound may cause severe irritation. In severe cases of unsuccessful communication with the sea bristle brush ends sharp decrease in blood pressure and edema. So even if you are a bit stuck, it is necessary to consult a doctor. By the way, a dead Scorpion is as dangerous and alive and her cancer continue to emit poison. So even after returning from fishing and cleaning the fish for dinner you should be very careful. Consolation for anglers to the fact that marine fish can weigh up to 1.5 kg and for the taste it can add to the list of delicacies.

Great weeverfish (Trachinus draco) is another poisonous inhabitant of the Black sea. He is also quite edible, but need to keep my eyes open. A lot of injections happens when fishermen remove the catch from the hook, remove fish from nets or accidentally stepping on the dragon at the bottom of the boat. The poison of this fish is also is not fatal, but the consequences can be very unpleasant. In mild cases, the victim experiences severe pain, and the injection site swells, in heavy may reach the respiratory and hemodynamic disorders, and even paralysis.

If the injection took place, immediately contact a doctor, and as the first aid should wash the wound with sea water or saline. This will help remove the poison from the primary depot. You then carefully remove the wound debris and poisonous rays to reduce pain lower affected body part in hot water with a 3% aqueous solution of magnesium sulfate.

And now the verbal portrait of the poisoner. Game length is 30-45 cm, color is dark, almost brown, abdomen pale fawn. On the sides of the fish even more dark oblique strips. The first dorsal fin are always black, the rest yellow with a black border. “Arming” the sea dragon is located in the rays of the dorsal fin and the Gill cover spike.

The underwater world of the Black sea – video

Andrey Shalygin: So that You can experience the beauty of the underwater world Black sea, watch the video, captured on the Black sea. For convenience, I have shown her one way snap away – from ambush + surge. Dive from the stone, flying around him around, and podnimaem under the ledge, coming close to the aquatic animals, which can be there on the leeward side. Everything is simple and affordable. Just one minute, shot on Canon 5 September 2009 in Sevastopol. Comers available and sound. Enjoy.

Interesting facts about Black sea

The greatest depth of the sea is 2210 meters, while the average is about 1240 meters.

The black sea form can be compared with the oval, elongated from West to East length of about 1150 miles. From North to South the sea stretches for 580 kilometers.

The flora of the sea includes 270 species of multicellular green, brown, red benthic algae. In the composition of phytoplankton – not less than 600 species. In the Black sea is home to over 2500 species of animals.

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