In the Ukrainian rivers appeared dangerous predators

Every year commercial fish species is becoming less. Scientists warn that may soon Ukrainians can not take grandkids fishing — will catch nothing.

“Back in the thirties dried up stoked the stove”

— In recent years we have almost completely destroyed river ecosystem, — says Sergey Mezhzherin, doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Institute of Zoology. I. Schmalhausen. — In Ukraine there is a huge estuary — the sea of Azov, which was considered the most cost-effective and highly productive ecosystem. Here the fish bred naturally. About how much it was in Azov sea, says a historical example: in the area due to the lack of firewood up to the thirties of last century the house was heated by dried specimens, casting them into the furnace instead of logs. Now it seems incredible, however, the number of freshwater fish in the country (even compared to the seventies of the past century) has decreased at least thirty times. Peregorazhivanie dams of the Dnieper, Kuban, don, led to a sharp saloneni water. Now we can confidently talk about a real environmental disaster and in fact of mass death of fish in the rivers of our country.

“Every year in Ukraine disappear two rivers”

Another reason for the lack of fish in Ukraine: loss of grasslands and floodplains — the most scarce of the environment and natural resources in our territory. In addition, in recent years disappear… the river. For example, on the Kiev — Odessa highway signs with the names of small waterways exist, but they are not. They are either overgrown with weeds or completely gone underground. There is sad statistics: in Ukraine per year on average becomes less by about two rivers. Even the once affluent southern bug and ROS — almost on the verge of extinction. As the reservoir gradually turn into cesspits of toxins, industrial discharges and cemeteries of radionuclides. There is no natural flow of water circulation, of course, is decreasing every year and the number of fish.

All created by the state programme of ecological rehabilitation of reservoirs and rivers are implemented in the best case by 10%. But over the years, according to hydrobiologists, it will be necessary to allocate more funds for cleaning and maintaining them in good condition.

According to Sergei Mezhzherin elapsed, extreme summer seriously affected all of our water resources, and similar temperatures are expected for the next seven years. In Ukraine, the fish remained in the rivers and reservoirs of the Carpathian mountains and the Carpathians, but almost none in the Gums, where it is always it could be found in abundance.

“Sturgeon with the battle managed to bring in the Red book”

And yet, according to the scientist, we still well preserved and coming Christmas day types of fish such as catfish, bream, perch, pike, silver carp, and more than six species of silver carp, very popular in our country. Of the 72 species of freshwater fish in Ukraine there are not more than 12. Due to poaching, has acquired a huge scale. If in the spring to look at the shelves of supermarkets, at the peak of the spawning season there is huge piles of fresh fish to catch at this time is prohibited by law. Where she’s from, anyone, it seems, no need to explain.

As for sturgeon, at the end of the 1970s they were killed in huge colonies in the black sea bays, the cold of winter they were washed ashore. In dashing nineties of the last century, poachers and traders of black caviar finally finished off this look. Now about the beached sturgeon, according to scientists, will not hear — this fish we simply don’t have.

To restore the sturgeon population, we need to create conditions for their natural spawning, and initially to import fry from the Caspian sea.

— Nobody in this business does not take, — said Meegeren. — It is very costly, and no government support. Of course, it is time to reflect on the European experience. For example, in the Czech Republic almost all the freshwater fish listed in the Red book, catching her is strictly prohibited. And we have to include certain types of fish can be achieved only as a result of a real fighting scientists with the officials. By the way, we were able, finally, to bring in the Red book of sturgeon and carp round. But our Committee of fisheries did not protect the interests of the state, and constantly resisted the initiatives of scientists.

All industrial fishing in the EU is carried out only in the sea or ocean. For example, in Poland no one will come to mind to partition off the river networks, as is often the case in Ukraine. Moreover, we still no one realizes that it is much better to come into the country for eating fish from the sea than to continue to destroy freshwater resources.

“We have piranha will not be able to reproduce”

To the question, “BB”, is it true that in the river there are piranha, the scientist replied that it was unverified rumors. We have the piranha will not be able to multiply, because when the temperature drops below 20 degrees, the fish just dies! However, changes in the composition of fish fauna is evident.

— For example, in our rivers suddenly appeared chebachok Amur — a small fish that swims in flocks and may even bite the bathers legs. Also spotted sleeper is a small predator that is often found in the lakes of Central Russia. In almost all lakes Concha Zaspa several years now swims fish-needle. Surprisingly, in our waters now there is even a marine whitebait, — said Professor Meegeren.

Experts believe that in Ukraine, as in other European countries, the need to quickly establish a moratorium on industrial fishing in freshwater or allow it to very limited species of fish.

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