In Abkhazia where the best fishing?

In Abkhazia can be enjoyed fishing. Freshwater fishing is the main place that the mountain rivers and lakes. If You are resting in Gagra, or nearby, you can go fishing on the river Bzyb. It is the deepest river in Abkhazia and in it dwells a lot of fish. Caught here the nase, trout, riffle minnow, and if lucky, you can catch a pike. In Abkhazia there are many lakes on which to fish will be interesting. In the lakes you can catch trout and whitefish. In the area of Pitsunda Cape is lake Inkit, it nourishes the river Bzyb. On the lake fishermen catch carp and carp. The nature of these magnificent places and You will get great pleasure from fishing.

Where I think the best for everybody. In addition to river fishing and lake in Abkhazia is rather well-developed fishing in the Black sea. The black sea waters of Abkhazia – is a great place for sea fishing. The diversity of the fauna in the Black sea is considered a much richer and better than in the Caspian sea. The most interesting and productive fishing is believed to be on the boat from spinning. In autumn you can gradually catch from the pier when the mackerel, it is more important, but gradually. At other times of the year from the pier caught a medium-sized, shallow coastal fish: fish-Scorpions, zelenuha, sea ruff. The Pisces-Scorpio are adivities, nevertheless its meat is edible.Another thing is – with fishing boats. Best fishing spots are the Bay of Gudauta, Gagra, New Athos and others. And the best of them is a Pitsunda Bay, and that’s where fishing would not recommend is to Sukhumi (sewage). Except for the boat that you can hire, suitable as a Pedalo or if you have the opportunity to take bouncy. You will need an anchor, as an alternative you can use full stone mesh nylon tied on a long rope. The best fish here can be caught only in deep water, in Pitsunda Bay fifty meters from the shore the depth is about eighty feet in this is the secret, and found more fish, and size it larger. In Abkhazia the sea is calm all summer, so fishing from a boat is not dangerous, of course if you do not know how to swim – take a life jacket or at least a circle.

The black sea whiting is the most common and affordable in these parts of the fish. Whiting black sea this is a predatory fish, the weight of which ranges from 0,3 kg to 1 kg. Without scales fish meat is not greasy and white, but the bones in it enough. To catch recommend taking spinning and lusku on the coil the length of which must be a hundred meters and a thickness of 0.5 millimeters. Attached to the main fishing line bet with ten hooks on the line is thinner and of 0.3 mm. For bait it is possible to get worms, a piece of any fish, except the one which catch and small mussel, which immediately on the breakwaters you can gather up. You can buy finished “the bet” with color pens, then you can do without money. If the fishing is good, with only one cast you can catch seven or eight fish.

As usual, the best bite in the morning and evening. Fishing here it is a fascinating, first without fish just will not stay, secondly it’s not heavy, I say this as a lady fisherwoman. Except of course the black sea whiting can be found on local open spaces and other fish: the thorn (sea bass), the Glos-flounder, gobies, mullet, mackerel, Scorpion, salmon, tuna, red mullet, lofar and others. And if You are luck you will catch black sea flounder, this species is considered a delicacy, the weight ranges from one to seven pounds. So the lucky ones sometimes you land a small black sea shark Katran, it has sharp and poisonous fin located between the dorsal and caudal fins. Meat Katran unusual, but no less tasty and medicinal, as meat and liver.

About mountain rivers of course the territory of Abkhazia can boast the presence of a large variety of bodies, among which mountain and lowland lakes, rivers, they all attract fans of fishing. Mountain rivers of the country, though not have larger sizes, but are considered quite affluent. By the way, many of them are forest areas visited by human beings. The scenery in places struck by its beauty. Therefore, fishing on the rivers of Abkhazia is considered fun for all the family, the most popular of the river, Bzyb, Gg, Upshare, Khashupse, Hipste, apsta, the Gumista and others. As money you can use river shrimp, worms, live bait and other baits. This lure successfully bite Colchic barbel, trout, perch, Caucasian Chub, nase, riffle minnow, minnow, vimba, mullet, roach and pike. Swims in the rivers and salmon in the spawning process. Most often used when fishing for fish primaries fishing rods and spinning rods. Among the lakes are popular: Small Riza, Riza, Amtkel and others. They can catch the whitefish and trout. This bait and tackle use the same as when fishing in rivers.

Among lowland lakes popular fishing destination is the lake of Inkit, it is located on the Pitsunda Cape. Water of the Bzyb river nourish the lake water of the river Bzyb. In these places beautiful and notable fauna, nesting ducks, herons and other birds. Near this place is popular among the fishermen of the lake Pitsunda. Lowland ponds and lakes rich in presence of common carp and crucian carp. As in Abkhazia is quite private fish farms, they are bred for the purpose of fishing for trout and carps.

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