How many live goldfish?

What is the lifespan of a goldfish aquarium? Uniquely to this question is difficult to answer, because different conditions have a strong influence on the duration of their existence in aquariums. We can only talk about what measures should be taken to ensure that their stay in the closed aquatic systems was more comfortable and long-lasting.

Goldfish: who is she and where did

Perhaps this is one of the oldest representatives of large carps, which are taught to live in the home. There is every reason to believe that this happened a long time ago in China, where the courtiers breeders began to cross different representatives of goldfish and raise them in the Imperial ponds. And there were goldfish in several varieties: dragon eyes, che, Wen (vualehvostki), Vakin, Jicin.

In these almost natural conditions ornamental goldfish lived for a long time – up to 20-25 years, and their weight reached 4-5 pounds.

In the early sixteenth century decorative fish came to Japan, and after 100 years in Europe. In the mid-19th century, it reached America.

Interesting fact . for a long time Europeans believed that gold Chinese doesn’t eat food and only drink water. As a result, 2-3 months of hunger strike, and Karasik died.

Only after many years, the European owners of these beautiful creatures have learned to contain them (on radostyami fish).

However, since the late middle Ages about the gold fish went bad rumor that they age very short. This is a misconception.

Currently the habits, character and condition of the fish body gold crucian very well studied. There is a whole range of recommendations on the content of the fish, which allows to extend their existence in the home.

But still the duration of their aquatic life is rarely more than 8-10 years. In principle, for a permanent stay in a small confined space quite well!

Optimal conditions for ornamental goldfish

Of course, regulated by the strict rules of her detention does not exist. We can only talk about some recommendations, based on the huge centuries-old experience of aquarists around the world for the breeding of goldfish in captivity.

They are cold water fish thrive at normal room temperature. Even slight heating of the water medium transferred very poorly.

A few words about feeding . Carp are known to be very voracious and practically omnivorous. And because gold fish is a decorative carp, will eat so much, how many food is available. Frequent feeding and abundant — greater likelihood of overeating, which is the length of the fish life will be affected very negatively. In addition, we must remember that livestock eats well and some aquatic vegetation.

The conditions of detention . Goldfish need space, so the aquarium should not be crowded. It should be remembered that it originated in the edible fish are used to frolic in the water column.

By the way, and now all sold in pet stores animals can be divided into 2 large groups: cultivated in ponds for mass distribution and the purely aquatic animals.

Hardly the average salesperson at the pet store will say, where exactly did these bright decorative crucians from pond kennel or breeding aquarium. But just in case you gotta have that one fish should have no less than 40-50 liters of water. Just imagine, what size aquarium is suitable.

The water parameters . The livestock leaves behind a lot of waste, and loves the water clean and oxygenated. Therefore, good filtration (especially mechanical) and aeration is extremely important.

General rules . So, to summarize some information about the features of the content, it is possible to formulate some rules, compliance with which will prolong the life of goldfish:

When the content of 3-4 individuals required volume of 150-200 liters aquarium.

The presence of a powerful external filter and compressor for aeration of water.

Feeding a variety of food (vegetable, dry food, hearts), 1-2 times a day. One day a week unloading.

Mandatory presence in the aquarium of aquatic plants.

Weekly water change no less than ¼ part of total volume.

Generally, compliance with these recommendations has beneficial effects on the lifetime of bright Golden beauties. Of course, if the aquarium is not listed infection.

Fish long-lived

It so happened that in England was known for goldfish who have lived 30, 40 or even more years! Maybe somewhere else has the same dolgozhitelnitsy, but it is known to become Englishwoman.

So, in 1999 at the 44th year of life died a fish called Tish (male). Family Hand from County North. Yorkshire, where several decades Tish lived in a small aquarium, grieved his death; without exaggeration he was a real member of the family. Gordon and Hilda Hand was buried in the shade of the trees on the site: Tish didn’t love the hot sun.

And the Wright family a couple of goldfish named Splash Splish and lived for over 30 years. At the time, the head of the family Richard Wright told me that for their Pets, which he started in his youth, didn’t create any special conditions: 40-gallon tank, water at room temperature, no direct sunlight and feeding 1 time per day specialized food.

Maybe such Spartan conditions and influenced so enviable to fish longevity?

10 years ago, the big media interest was caused by the news about death from old age of a goldfish named Goldie . which he kept at his home in Devon Tom and Pauline Evans. Goldie was the 46th year! The owners are sadly buried him in a secluded corner of your garden.

How many live gold fish aquarium? Definitely and not say, 10 or 40 years… it’s Probably a matter of chance. It can only be hoped that the creation of optimal conditions for Golden beauty will increase her chances for a long life!

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