Fishing in the Red sea

In the Red sea according to different sources there are more than 1250 species of marine fauna. Local fishermen since the days of Ancient Egypt go to sea and catch fish from the sea, which for many on the coast of Egypt is the most accessible food. The price of fish in Egypt is significantly lower than for meat animals. So, the prices at the fish market of Hurghada range from 10 to 35 pounds per 1 kg. Especially popular are tuna, mackerel, Wahoo (king mackerel), Barracuda, grouper, bongos (red snapper), bahara (mangrove snapper), flounder, Gar, squid. Delicacies are considered to be the heavenly Emperor, Dorado, Jack, Napoleon, and others.

Daily fish market Hurghada local fishermen bring their rich variety of marine catch. Mostly fish they catch networks specifically permitted for commercial fishing places. The catch of sea fish is not only dependent on luck, right place, quality fishing tackle and baits, but also on the time of day and season of the year. Best sea fishing trips start at sunrise and continue till midday. Most good bite from 7 am to 11 am local time, then the activity of fish is reduced to total absence of the strikes, which resumed in the afternoon, towards evening. Porosimetry biting on the Red sea from 16.30-17.00 to sunset.

In areas sea areas of Hurghada, El Gouna and Safaga at any time of the year, regardless of season, are good on artificial and live bait Barracuda and grouper. However, a decline of their activity is reduced in the hottest months of the year from the second half of July to mid-September, when most of these fish species go in the cooler lower layers of water from 30 meters or more.

Autumn in Hurghada starts in the second half of September and lasts until mid-November. At this time, the water in the Red sea gradually becomes cooler, and large fish returns to the upper layers of water available for fishing tackle. Autumn is especially well caught tuna (yellowfin tuna, tuna-frigate tuna and Bonito), as well as Wahoo, Dorado. Jack and the giant grouper. At that Barracuda do not reduce their activity and also are often the trophies of the fishermen. The most common species of Barracuda at the Egyptian coast of the red sea – a large Barracuda, which reaches a length of up to 2-3 m, a record weight of Just 38 kg. in the Red sea 8 known species of Barracuda from 26. In subsequent releases we intend to publish a series of articles on individual families, genera and species of marine fish, ways to catch them.

In the winter months from December until the end of March very good fishing results show Wahoo and jacks are usually fortunate fishermen caught specimens from 8 to 20 lbs. In the winter months by local sports Association sea fishing competitions are held among hobby fishermen. Start fishing competitions Big Game occurs more often in El Gouna or Hurghada (Sport fishing club).

In the spring months in the waters of Hurghada comes the Marlin and the sailfish, which has the record speed (about 100 km/h). From April to early June is good for trolling and bottom fishing the celestial Emperor (the Arab.- Sour). The flesh of heaven the Emperor is tender, tasty and offered in restaurants as a delicacy.

In the summer the biting activity of most species of large fish are declining, except Barracuda. The Barracuda is a predator, not knowing no rest day nor night, neither winter nor summer. Not for nothing, during the Second world war, many captains of submarines called his boat the Barracuda, emphasizing the irrepressible nature and unpredictability of behavior.

Sports sea fishing has nothing to do with fishing, because it uses different gear and methods of fishing. The primary method of marine sport fishing in the Red sea – trolling.

With this method of fishing not all of our fishermen, as in the USSR and until recently, Russia was considered an illegal way of fishing.

The term “Trolling” is trolling – trolling, fishing trolling. The essence of trolling consists of towing artificial or live bait vessel, motorboat or boat. In the Red sea the ship speed during trolling 6-8 knots, and in deep-water trolling is reduced to 3-4 knots.

The advantage of trolling over other methods of fishing that covers a much larger area of water and different depths.

Another method, used in sport fishing, is a method of fishing from anchored or drifting boats or boats on bottom gear. These methods are referred to as casting and drifting.

The essence of drifting is catching fish from a boat, boats, drifting freely in the water by the wind or going with the flow. The attractiveness of this method of fish that covered not one specific place, and over a large area, and hence the probability of biting of large fish is much higher.

The casting method as demersal fishing takes place from the English. – casting – throwing, throwing, change. In this method of fishing in the sea, the yacht is anchored and the fishermen throw the tackle with the load in different places and in different range, so far no luck. However, most fishing yacht equipped with fish finders now, showing not only the depth of the seabed, but also fish in different water layers. Yacht running agoritsa where more fish, but fishermen have to catch, using gear to plummet.

The biting of the sea fish differs from the behavior of freshwater. In the sea there is no sense to wait for the second and subsequent bites. Rule one: I felt a blow fish about the bait is immediately necessary to do cutting. Marine fish in the vast amount of predatory pelagic fish, darting between the reefs in search of prey, which lasts for speed, sharp jerk, sometimes missing by a couple paces during the attack.

Fishing with underwater gun is prohibited in the Red sea, and also prohibited fishing for sharks, sea turtles, octopus and rare species of marine fishes listed in the Red book.

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