Equipment for a saltwater aquarium

Great importance in the successful maintenance of marine aquarium has a competent selection of equipment. It shall conform to the dimensions of the sump and the aquarium. to be sufficient capacity and reliable. In this article I want to address briefly each device, so you have a rough idea about the equipment.

In your aquarium you should provide a good turbulent flow, the lighting that you need for aquariums with marine fish and reef systems, heating and possibly cooling water. That is, the “Three pillars” of the marine aquarium – flow, lighting and temperature. But how to clean the water from the detritus and waste of invertebrates and fish? Here, fortunately, there are completely different approaches, ranging from simple weekly water changes, to complex systems, the whole complex biological and chemical water purification. Let’s look at each element separately.

Such fire in the ocean, melkoporistye (SPS) corals in nature live in strong currents, fighting for space is no joke, and many corals and animals are used to living in places with extremely strong water circulation. As a reward for brings them plankton and different food particles. Others cannot tolerate even moderate force, and not fully expanded, discosoma and ricordea belong to this group. The average flow for bodyology krupnoplodnyh and soft (LPS) corals, but at the same time the incorrect orientation of the flow will not allow you to open up the polyps of corals such as euphilia and galaxea. and delicate fabric tracefile can even get hurt. Some corals, such as sarcophyton. periodically “molt”, and the current should be sufficient to blow away with the poisonous coral film.

In mini-aquariums for the establishment of a strong and good course will only need one pump, also extensible canister filters and filters-backpacks will create additional water flow. But in large systems it is necessary to apply at least two flow pumps, which thus will relieve the tank of stagnant zones creates an interesting and turbulent flow. There are various wave generators, in large aquariums to help the pumps flow comes the return pump. Buy a quality pump, for example, German manufacturers, pumps overheating because of low quality can significantly affect the temperature of the water in mini aquaria. It should be noted that a strong pump can work quite noisy, including the vibrations of the glass, to reduce the noise pads, which will be located between the glass and the magnet inside the aquarium.

Calculated capacity pump litres per hour, it is considered that pump to blow 10 to 15 volume of the aquarium per hour, is preferred, but not always the range meets this need, therefore, is about to proceed from these recommendations.


Coral reefs are found only in tropical seas that stretch along the equator and it is clear to all that the sun illuminates them very intensively throughout the year. So many aquarists are trying to bring artificial lighting to natural settings and features. Although it is a daunting task. To you I suggest that you first pay attention to the capacity of the purchased lamp, its light spectrum. We can talk about this in the next article.

There are three main types of bulbs (lamps) for the marine aquarium: metal halide, fluorescent and led lamps. The choice of lamp depends on what you want to see in the aquarium.


To control the temperature of the sea water with the help of heaters, there are various kinds and modifications, it is a matter of particular person taste. Suitable heater, typically choose the rate of 1 watt per liter of water. In large systems for reliability it is recommended to put two heaters in case of failure of one of them.


It is extremely important to understand from the beginning that without treatment of water in the soil, in the stones will begin to accumulate waste that is rotting, can lead to unpleasant consequences for all your creatures. A water change will surely give some result, but are ineffective in large volumes. Knowledge of the nitrogen cycle will give you an understanding of what is filtered water different devices.

The skimmers remove organic matter from the water before they get processed into nitrates and phosphates. Protein skimmer column is the heart of the aquarium,the examples most worthy of aquariums, working only with this type of filtration.

Extensible canister filters, in my opinion, a very useful way to filter for mini aquariums, you can put the special charcoal and a scrap of live rock. Also, this type of filter increases the water volume by about 2 to 5 liters, that is essential for small aquariums.

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