Dolphin animal. New arguments in favor of this hypothesis given a recent study scientists from the University of Pennsylvania. For quite a long time experts have studied the language of dolphins and got truly amazing results. As you know, the beeps occur in nasal passages of dolphins at the moment of passing through it of air. Managed to establish that the animals used sixty basic signals and five levels of combining them. Dolphins are able to create a “dictionary” volume 1012 words! Dolphins are hardly so many words, but the volume of their active “vocabulary” is impressive – about 14 thousand signals! For comparison, the same number of words is the average vocabulary of a person. But in everyday life people do 800-1000 words.

Dolphin – assisted therapy is a safe and natural way to physical and spiritual health.

Communication with dolphins in the literal sense of the word can work wonders.

Dolphins help children with autism . not able to make contact with others. In addition, Dolphin therapy helps correct brain and spinal cord, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle fatigue and mental retardation. During the sessions decreases vozbuditelei nervous system and activates the brain. After communication with dolphins has greatly improved the condition of children suffering from various neuroses.

Communicate with the intelligent mammals even helps to talk to children with delayed speech development.

We can only guess what caused this unexpected results. Obviously, dolphins are amazing creatures, establishing trust with someone, almost family relationships. What child can resist this sweet nose, utykayas in a small child’s hand, and before the mysterious gaze of tiny eyes. Playful, friendly and intelligent, dolphins are quick to find with children common language. The researchers concluded that when dealing with people produces hormones responsible for good mood and health.

Some researchers believe that dolphins are psychic. Others explain it easier: communicating with dolphins boosts the immune system.

The dolphins have a beneficial effect not only on children but also on pregnant women: the medical research showed that swimming with dolphins before birth facilitates the contractions.

It is now established that dolphins . every day, 30-40 minutes “dancing” around the patient, give some inexplicably impetus to the recovery of patients with severe injuries who cannot even walk. Observations show that during the Dolphin therapy in patients, for example, cramped hands, albeit slowly, but start to relax, and at the end of treatment patients may already be on the back of a Dolphin swim without assistance.

Most interesting is that dolphins can easily distinguish ill people from healthy, showing much more interest, as if realizing that they need their help.

It is believed that riding on dolphins and greatly increases the thickness of the biological human aura. In addition, biofield not only expands, but also brightens — it goes dark negative tone.

From the meeting and the more direct contact with the dolphins, people usually expect some extraordinary healing effect. And with good reason. Wellness swimming with these animals is becoming thanks to their unique natural characteristics: high intelligence, ability for interspecies communication and play behavior. Of course, great value in a session and has particular relation to the Dolphin – waiting for a miracle.

Scientists do not doubt the fact that sonar signals of dolphins is good for people. With this natural ultrasound Dolphin sonar shines through human tissue. Based on these data, the brain of the animal forms a “picture” of health. Having thus diagnosed, the Dolphin starts to work as a gifted bio-energy therapist.

High efficiency of delfinoterapii and lies in the fact that the Dolphin, being able to speak the language of Nature, is able to convey the “magic waves” to the person in the best way. The sounds that a Dolphin plays . are the bridge between man and the world of universal harmony. They are sounds which heal.

It is scientifically proven that the frequency of the Earth (“heartbeat”) corresponds to 7.8-10 Hz. Pulses, waves between 7 and 14 Hertz are called alpha waves or alpha level. All natural processes: germination, flowering, ripening, the changing of the seasons, the tides, etc. also correspond to this frequency. This is the frequency at which it is possible to stop the devastating impact of stressors, reversing the disease development and to harmonize the processes occurring in the human body. It is the frequency of the conceptual insights, great discoveries and spiritual enlightenment. Nature is not nervous, no fuss, no panicking. She has nothing to be annoyed, to get angry and condemn. She “knows” about the existence of universal laws and follows them unconditionally. In other words, nature does not waste energy in vain.

Swimming with dolphins in the water or listening to the CD with the dolphins . which reproduces echolocation directed at the person, You get access to a world of harmony and peace. Such contact enables you to remove tension and consequences of the devastating impact of stressful situations.

Some scientists believe that in the process of evolution was the period when the ancestors of man because of certain reasons were forced to leave the land and some live in water. They had to find food by diving to great depths. Due to constant oxygen starvation of the brain volume in fact increased markedly. Then after the next changes in the environment of our aquatic ancestors back to the land. But, maybe not all returned, but some branch remained in the ocean and evolved in dolphins? And the current inhabitants of the deep sea – our “cousins-in-mind”? Not so long ago, Japanese sailors discovered and taken ashore unusual bottlenose, which was recorded atavism – “hindquarters” is very reminiscent of the foot.

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