Dangerous inhabitants of the coast of Pattaya

Going on vacation to any place in the tropics, tourists are often concerned about dangerous animals. Fishing or diving requires a long stay in the water and on the adjacent territory. Therefore, the best pre-inquire about a variety of local fauna. The resorts of Pattaya known for the coastal zone and the city is thoroughly cleaned of unwanted animals. However, outside of the beach area the shores of ponds full of various pests and insects. In addition, even the clean beach is not without a deep sea dweller.

Dangerous inhabitants of the Gulf of Thailand

Shark. Be found shark the probability is always there, but here it is small. Not all of them are dangerous to humans. In Pattaya there has been no case of attack. The most dangerous include black and white sharks. Also found here whale sharks. They are reasonably aggressive behavior and can take divers or fishermen for sea lions. And here is leopard print or grey shark will attack only when he tasted blood.

Fish-stone. Diligently hiding from people, and dwells on rocky shores. To find this fish is quite difficult, so the chance to meet her on an organized fishing or the beach of the hotel is practically zero. If it by chance managed to catch, should be very careful to let her go back, not touching. It is very poisonous.

Fish-dragon. It lives mainly on coral reefs. Otlichaetsya fish is not only a strong poison and aggressive nature. Therefore, when fishing on rocky shores near reefs, caution should be exercised. Stepping on it, which means to prick of extremely toxic spikes. If it attacks, the injections will be much greater. It will bring serious harm to health.

Sea urchin. Echinoderms this sea animal is a serious danger. Its needles are not only poisonous, but also quite difficult to extracted due to the chipping. It often come or hurt the hand. It is found also in the coastal area, but the resort fishing is usually organized in places where there are almost none. They are more dangerous for divers or fishermen voluntarily unaccompanied.

Stingrays and jellyfish. Of course, we should not write off these creatures. They can occur on wild beaches. The danger is in the poison. However, the jellyfish and stingrays do not attack themselves, but only react to human actions. Although stingrays often bury themselves in the sand, creating the danger of stepping on them. Jellyfish also swim freely in the water. To the shore they can be nailed over.

Snake. These reptiles live not only in the deep tropics, but far from the water. In addition, they even swim in the water and hide in coastal rocky burrows. In the surrounding area of Pattaya is found up to two hundred species of snakes. Some of them are dangerous to humans. But for no reason they usually do not attack.

Crabs. The most harmless in terms of venom – crab. He is a danger only mechanical injury. Bring your claws finger he is quite capable and quite strong. But if it does not touch, the crab is completely harmless and not aggressive.

Small pests and insects

Poisonous butterflies and wasps. Near salt water. But near the freshwater lake in the tropical forest the chance to see them – is large enough. Butterflies only poisonous to those who eat, that is for animals. People they don’t bite. But wasps can be very dangerous. While in Pattaya can meet a large (very poisonous) wasps the size of the palm.

Scorpions and spiders. Living in the weed or under stones. In open terrain they are almost crawling, because there they are easy to spot not only to humans but predators. You should be careful where you step, if you are fishing near densely Sarsenova grass lake or pond.

Millipedes. Very scary look, warning his detractors. The bite of centipedes painful and leads to serious health consequences. This insect is a twilight lifestyle. So the risk of it is mainly for lovers of night fishing and camping tourism.

Mosquitoes. Do not differ from the European, but can be carriers of diseases. In addition, a large number of bites causing severe allergic reaction. They live mainly in areas of standing water.

Leeches and worms-parasites. These were minor pests in the legs. That’s usually where they are located. In wetlands and near lakes or ponds of such animals quite a lot. Therefore, fishing is better to go to closed shoes. If only leech bites and drinks blood, worms-parasites can permanently settle under the skin or in the tissues. Feeding on the flesh of man, they multiply throughout the body. Their stains are difficult to remove, if not immediately notice the introduction of the worm.

What to do when meeting and bite?

As mentioned above, in the resort area it is almost impossible to stumble upon any representative of the fauna. Areas of bathing waters and shores are thoroughly cleaned from dangerous animals. Although they are able to sail, fly or crawl without asking, not so great a chance that you will stumble on them. But if it happened, it is important to try to avoid close contact. Seeing a snake, a Scorpion, or someone else, you should gently (no sudden movements) to go away.

Inducing panic means to provoke the animal or insect attack. Do not try to push or hit them. So you will increase the possibility of the bite or injury. If your fishing or swimming takes place in an organized place, you should immediately contact the maintainer. By the way, without a guide or local resident is better not to fish on the banks of any waters. This also applies to those places where you have been. If they are bitten or shot a venomous animal, immediately go for medical help!

Pattaya is considered to be the most appropriate place in Thailand for diving and fishing. However this is not recommended. In extreme cases, enlist the support of some native. Locals often know a lot more guides. Although the responsibility for your life and health they take will not be. So think carefully about how to make your vacation safe.

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