Dangerous for human

I will begin with the sharks.

the sand shark reaching a length of 4.3 m, from the squad lunoobraznye. Common in tropical coastal waters of all continents, this shark everywhere behaves quite peacefully and only sand sharks Africa has a bad reputation of man-eaters.

Silver shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus). Reaches 3M in length with a weight of 160kg. Potentially dangerous: one unprovoked attack on a swimmer.

Blacktip shark (Carcharhinus few). Length 2.5 m, weighs 120kg. Attacks on humans do happen, but none of them serious injuries not ended.

Oceanic, the oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) . Around 3.5-4m in length with a weight of 170 kg. Most of the victims of the shipwreck in the open ocean on her conscience.

Korotkoplodnyh Mako shark (Isurus oxyrhinchus) . This is the fastest of all the sharks. Reach a length of 3.2-3.8 m with a maximum weight kg. Considered one of the most dangerous to humans.

Giant hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) . Is 6.1 m and weigh 450 kg. Several dozen cases of attacks on people,including lethal.

Whale shark (Rhincodon typus) . Up to 18m in length and a weight of 15t or more. Feeds on plankton and is completely harmless.

White shark carcharodon It exceeds in size all other cannibals; the largest caught by an instance will reach a length of 6.5 meters and weighed over three tons. She’s the most powerful and voracious.

Carcharodon attacks humans in warm and cool waters, in shallow water and away from the coast, almost always sudden, and often powerful attack huge toothy jaws of a fatal outcome.

There is a famous case in the belly of a white shark caught in Australia, found the remains of a horse.

The blue shark is one of the most common sharks.

This fish is also referred to dangerous marine predators, as were the reported cases of attacks on people.

It is necessary to note a few things. First, a shark eat a person can not: he’s too big prey for this predator. During the attack the shark may bite a victim, but such injuries are sometimes fatal. Secondly, even the most dangerous of the breed are still trying to stay away from people. Attacks are usually have any reason, it is often the result of negligence of the victims themselves. It is known that the experienced divers are subjected to shark attacks are extremely rare. The point here is that an experienced diver knows the characteristics of sharks and tries to adhere to certain safety regulations. For example, the appearance of predators in sight will not turn my back on them. Also divers not to dive when near drifting shoals of seals or dolphins, sharks prey on marine mammals and may attack, mistaking the man for one of them.

Attacks on bathers on the beaches are also extremely rare: shark trying to swim in shallow water where not much food. Mostly the victims are swimmers who dive into the water with a rented yacht, while not having a clue about the habits of marine life.

Leonova Tatiana 17 Dec 2010

The stonefish can be green or almost brown. As a rule, found among the reefs. Spin fish-stone is composed of 13 spines that release venom from two sacs attached to each of them. Poison fish-stone consists of stenostachya hemolytic, neurotoxic and trainline cardioactive cardiolipin. An antidote exists, but it should be taken within the first few hours after the bite. Bite the fish-stone is extremely painful and can cause tissue death, shock, and paralysis. As a result of the bite of this marine animal can occur death, and this has happened more than once.

Yellow-bellied sea snake has a black color with a very prominent yellow contrast on the abdomen. Highly visible paddle, resembling a tail she uses to swim. Yellow-bellied sea snake is one of the most poisonous, as you can guess, just by looking at her. This snake spends most of time floating in open ocean waters, primarily near reefs. The yellow-bellied sea snake venom is a neurotoxin, so those who were bitten, suffer from heart failure, kidney and respiratory arrest. However, the snake is non-aggressive and bites only occur if she was caught in a fishing net. Several deaths from the bite of this snake have been officially registered.

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