Caring for aquarium fish properly!

Species of fish living in aquariums are called, respectively, the aquarium. Their breeding can turn into a real pleasure if you follow the rules, which are aimed at responsible care for aquarium fish. As you know, these individuals live in fresh waters of the tropics and subtropics, so it is important to create acceptable conditions.

Most of the inhabitants of aquariums of different fanciful shapes boasts vivid colors, and is small in size. The most popular type are considered different types of group of fish, called “gold”. Often bred in aquariums Perciformes, Cypriniformes and carposinidae inhabitants. Owners of aquariums also prefer to have a sedate angelfish, nannostomusy, all kinds of fun catfish and barbs.

Observe aquarium inhabitants very interesting. This process completely refutes the opinion of newcomers that create these little stupid. Initially, the majority of “fans” takes on aquarium fish, focusing only on their beauty and considering some décor items. This approach leads to the fact that the care of aquarium fish is correct. This, apparently, contributes to the attitude to them as to the piece of furniture. The fish does need a campaign, which must comply with the rules applicable to living beings .

Proper support of the temperature in the aquarium

Each variety of ornamental fish has sobstvennykh demands for care. Regarding temperature, it should be noted that his range is quite wide. It is necessary to choose depending on your preferred varieties of fish. If the aquarium is inhabited by different life forms, the most preferred will be considered a plus temperature range from 20 to 26 degrees. In this case, be sure to avoid sharp temperature changes.

The atmosphere of the aquarium depends on external factors. So, cool weather requires changing the temperature on the warmer, and Vice versa. In addition, in hot weather, the water can stagnate, so it should be changed more often and closely monitor the readings of the thermometer, so it was not too hot. If the external temperature is too high, you may need to replace the water in the cooler every 4 hours.

Proper resettlement of the inhabitants of the aquarium

Putting fish to your new residence, you need to follow these recommendations:

Before you put the fish in the aquarium, you need to “accustom” them to the water. To do this, tenants should be placed in a container of water taken from the aquarium.

The vessel must not be full. Make sure that the water took no more than 50% of the space.

Wait about half an hour to resettle newcomers to the aquarium.

Put in an aquarium the fish carefully, avoiding damage.

These precautions aimed at mitigation, adaptation properties, for from a sudden drop of temperature the smallest person can experience shock and die.

Change water in the aquarium

Water it is recommended to change thereof not less than once a week. But we are not talking about replacing the entire water. So, according to the requirements, you need to update only 1/3 of the contents of the aquarium. When it comes to tropical species of aquarium inhabitants. it is better to change 1/5 of the total amount of water.

General rules for the care of aquarium fish

The daily check of the temperature.

Control over the operation of the compressor.

Timely cleaning of the filter.

On/off of the backlight in accordance with the change of time of day.

Abstinence from Smoking in the room where the aquarium is located.

Add only settled water.

Check aquarium items for the presence of harmful substances.

Feeding aquarium fish

Procedure meals should be performed 1-2 times daily. If the tank content is added, then the fry should be fed. The number of feedings should be increased to 4 times. The amount of feed should be such that fish were able to eat a maximum of 10 min is Not recommended the presence in the aquarium food debris. You need to take them immediately after meals, or in the aquarium can cause the contamination. To overfeed the fish in no event it is impossible.

Types of feed for aquarium fish

Forage dry consistence is made from Daphnia and impurities. To live feeds include the collection of sludge, bloodworms and duckweed. The more varied the diet, the healthier will be aquarium Pets.

In addition to the diversity of forages, it is important to watch, managed to eat all the fish. If the food is frozen, it must first be subjected to defrosting.

Diseases of aquarium inhabitants

If one of the residents of the town aquarium looks sick, it should be placed in quarantine. That is, in another container. The same applies to diseases of aquatic plants. The only difference is that the plant will have to be thrown out. It is not recommended to revive sick animals. Better, of course, to consult a specialist.

Remember! Aquarium fish – live and very interesting creatures. require attention and proper attitude!

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