Caring for aquarium fish

To care for aquarium fish is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Much of the problems and errors can be avoided by adhering to the care of aquarium fish only two rules:

need to know what conditions are considered optimal for these species of fish that You have, and try to maintain them in your aquarium;

in feeding, lighting, cleaning all of the aquarium (and more!) the cases need to adhere to the “Golden” mid (or common sense) in a feed; not too often to disturb the fish for his passion to purity, but also to prevent the transformation of the aquarium into the swamp, etc.

And now in more detail. First and foremost is the care of aquarium fish is the timely replacement of water and cleaning the aquarium. Remember! The main cause of fish disease is poor water. If Your Pets become ill there and stay near the bottom, this is a signal that it’s time to change the water. This procedure should be done once a week (in a large aquarium once a month). Add water should be about the same temperature as the aquarium. It is desirable that the hardness and acidity also coincided with the aquarium. Unfortunately, the quality of tap water is not very good, so without a filter can not do. Yes, and the filter must be periodically cleaned from dirt. Also for outsidecities the composition and quality of water has special chemical additives and beneficial bacteria, which are more fully advise You in the store.

The aquarium glass clean with a scraper and decorative elements can be cleaned by using the same fish, feeding on algae. Populate the aquarium with several ancistrus – so these are called “bearers of the aquarium” – and driftwood-rocks will be squeaky clean!

Stay tuned and the condition of soil – it is vital for fish and plants, serves to maintain the right biological balance in the aquarium.

The basic rule for feeding fish is not to overfeed. Will warn you about this in any store. Fish are cold-blooded and they need less food than we do. Modern feeds are well balanced for nutrients and vitamins composition. So just follow the regular feeding and do not throw the excess food in the aquarium: fish will not eat, and uneaten food will pollute the water.

Adult fish should be fed 1-2 times a day, juveniles 2-4 times, fry is often. Feed needs to give as much fish eat in 5 to 10 minutes. All that remains in the aquarium for a longer time, again, nothing but harm will not bring.

In the process of feeding, or when You a moment stopped by the aquarium to admire the fish, not the superfluous will look at the “master’s” eye water Kingdom: do all fish look healthy and active, there are no suspicious spots, growths or other abnormalities. All dead and decaying must be immediately removed from the aquarium. Fish with suspicious growths-spots-the behavior must be out of the community tank into a quarantine, the symptoms to determine what caused the anomaly and to take up the treatment if necessary.

Attention! A new fish before “settling” in the aquarium to hold it for some time separately, in quarantine, to make sure that she is healthy and poses no danger to other fish.

Never find the fish with your hands, use for these purposes a special net. First, this fish is a very strong stress, and secondly, you may damage the mucosa.

As for the “interior of the aquarium”. Seaweed, driftwood, mini rocks, stones are the ornament of the aquarium, and for the fish – vital conditions of existence. Therefore care for fish in an aquarium is manifested in the fact that ideally in the aquarium is necessary to create conditions according to what used to fish in nature. It requires substantial effort and time – but is fully justified then. You want your fish to be happy?

At the bottom of the aquarium need to fill sand. Decorate the aquarium can be tuff rock, stones of different colors and shapes, driftwood, limestone, algae and mosses, bits of glass, sea gravel. This does not mean that all of the above will be in the same aquarium, otherwise it will get silly, and most importantly – aquarium fish is hidden from your eyes in the abundance of algae and snags.

How would You not want to decorate the aquarium to the max – choose only the jewelry that really needs for its inhabitants. After this moment You should already decide which fish will live in Your aquarium, to study their habits and habitat.

In addition, choosing decorations for the aquarium, avoid objects with sharp edges, otherwise aquarium fish may be injured. Before you decorate the aquarium with shells, bits of glass, stones, rinse and disinfect them (you can just pour boiling water). Please refrain from the use of artificial seaweed, and other non-natural decorations.

For any aquarium and heater with temperature control and good lighting. For evening time, it is recommended to choose dim lighting to make the transition to darkness was not sharp, so the fish will feel more comfortable “bed”.

To maintain biological balance, as mentioned above, in the aquarium and for fish (especially burrowing species) soil is necessary. It also breed aquarium helpful bacteria, plants grow.

Also remember that not all fish can co-exist in the same aquarium, such as predators can be kept only with predators, etc.

More information: on how to care for your fish, compatibility of different species of fish and plants, etc as well as the answers to your questions can be found on the Internet and in specialized publications. There are also clubs and forums Amateur aquarists – information abound…

If the self is not able to find an answer – contact us!

All the best! And let care for fish in an aquarium will bring You only pleasant emotions, and the aquarium will delight the eye with their beauty!

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