Biodesign, aquariums in the interior

General marine aquarium gives you the opportunity to gather a collection of very beautiful fish from the same habitat, and from around the world. These fish deserve their place in the aquarium vibrant color, vitality, unusual shape, attractive appearance or unusual habits. As provided here, the aquarium, the center of the most common marine aquarium are fish,

although no less important a role they can play “living stones” and invertebrates. Indeed, in many magnificent marine aquariums no fish, but they are the realm of the fantastic

colored strikingly and a variety of polychaete worms, golosemennyh shellfish, sea urchins, sea stars, bivalves, corals and crabs.

The layout of the aquarium:

If you’re going to have a saltwater aquarium, choose the largest, not less than 90 cm in length, because, as the great-

usually, the larger the aquarium, the more stable will be the properties of water in it. You must remember that marine aquariums are never created immediately, and that you may need

a lot of time to move from one stage of their creation to the next. It is impossible to populate them immediately after installation, because much time is spent on the maturation of the filtration system. Any paydaycity this process will almost certainly fail

and will cause irreparable and totally unnecessary blow to your

fish. Even if you don’t think about the cruelty of this behavior, not

forget that may lead to the death of fish and invertebrates may

to make a hole in your budget.

The temperature of the aquarium should be maintained at

the level of 22-26° C, pH from 8.1 to 8.3. This pH value is provided containing limestone gravel and stones. Shallow water, conditions which reproduces this aquarium, brightly illuminated

the sun, and therefore the light level of the aquarium should be

too high. Water is added to sea salt to achieve

specific gravity 1,020—1,022, which corresponds to a salinity of 27.2—33.7 per cent.

Most suitable for General marine aquarium fish is relatively hardy, and so water quality plays such a critical role, as in the case of the aquarium, recreating the conditions of the coral reef. Stones in the aquarium a little, and therefore possibly the use of bottom filter (if there will be a lot of stones, the flow of water will be weakened). To ensure a sufficiently strong current of water, you can attach the pump to discharge the air tubes and use as a possible backup device suspended internal filter.

Because some drugs used to treat marine fish mo-gut to be harmful to invertebrates, good to have over – secure “hospital” tank. which can be used as a quarantine for newly purchased

fish. Just do not forget that the process of transferring fish from the store in quarantine and then in the main tank for some can be a cause of severe stress.

Algae are an essential part of the diet of many living in the aquarium fish, though they don’t must be completely covered

it, you still should not be too zealous, removing them from the aquarium. While algae will not grow in it properly, you may need to give some different fish

green feed.

Choose for their common marine aquarium fish that

don’t attack your neighbors and do not feed them. Many species with them

solitary confinement are peaceful, but in flocks of a hundred-

become aggressive. Unfortunately, many suitable for aquarium fish when it is not abandon

eating their invertebrate neighbors. An example of such

fish can serve as a trigger, which can only keep in

aquariums without invertebrates.

The settling tank:

The first step in creating a saltwater aquarium is the creation of

from stones the foundations for the future of the underwater landscape. Well thought out in advance, the design of your aquarium as a result of your

care it needs to have a natural look. Be careful

do not damage the aquarium stacking stones at him. Always carefully choose the stones. Sedimentary rocks may react with water, although the limestone can be used without fear. Do not put the aquarium stone with metal inclusions

can severely degrade water quality. All of the stones before placing in the aquarium should be thoroughly washed. Tuff and

“living stones” are a great addition to the marine aquarium.

The shares of animals:

When will be laid in the substrate and rocks, you can start to prepare the aquarium to move his fish. Do not rush with this necessary to filter the nitrifying bacteria

need time to develop. Before you let the aquarium any animal, check the salinity of the water. The first stage of “ripening” of a marine aquarium must have “living stones”. It is best suitable for this purpose are light, porous “actiniidae stones”, which settle on anemones, polychaete worms, sponges and soft corals. When

the aquarium is ready, gradually podnesite the fish in it. Do this very gradually, instilling not more than one or two fish every two weeks. The whole process of settlement will take six months or even more. All the time check the chemical composition of the water.

Ready aquarium:

Most of this is suitable for aquarium fish and invertebrates can be found in coastal waters and around coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific oceans, Caribbean and red seas. In the aquarium, many living beings that appear in it as they Mature environment. Follow the recommendations of experts on resettlement of fishes and the end of the aquarium.

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