10 most dangerous beaches in the world

During the summer vacation, many are choosing vacation spot seashore. The sunbathers on the beach I advise you to see a list of the most dangerous beaches in the world, where recreation can turn into a nightmare.

1. The Beaches Of San Paulo, Brazil

River beaches can be fraught with danger. Some of these beaches are the beaches of são Paulo in Brazil. World famous small predators – piranhas can be a great risk if not for your life, for health for sure. Sharp teeth and incredible speed make the piranha a great nuisance for tourists from around the world. And let the outside serenity of local waters is not cheating.

2. The Beach “Zipolite”, Mexico

The name of the beach speaks for itself. With Zapotec language “Zipolite means beach of the dead”. What threat this small and cosy beach? The main danger here is a strong undertow during the tides. Even an adult who knows how to swim well, and often can not cope with the strong water current. Oddly, the most dangerous time for swimming at this wonderful beach summer. However, this does not stop the hippies and nudists, extreme liking to this beach.

3. The beaches of the “fish hook”, South Africa

And, of course, is not without lethal white sharks – the first who comes to mind when you say about the dangers on the beach. The beaches of the “fish hook”- the leaders in deaths due to shark attacks. Moreover, the danger can lie in wait for you very close to the shore, which makes this place extremely dangerous for your life. Often parts of bodies of victims of white murderers have to search the entire coastline. Few manage to survive after the shark attack, and not always of the cage can protect vacationers.

4. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

The incredible beauty of the beaches, unfortunately, is virtually unusable for recreation. The fact is that from 1946 to 1958, the United States, as part of operation “Crossroads”, used this extremely picturesque island for the atomic and hydrogen bombs. Due to the high radiation in 1954, almost all of the island’s population died from various diseases caused by radiation. The radiation level is low enough today, however, many believe some of the beaches of this quiet and isolated island is quite suitable for relaxation.

5. The Beaches Are “Murderers”, Hawaii

Yes, one of the most dangerous beaches in the world you can find such popular and attractive Hawaiian Islands. Here you lurks the same danger, that of Mexican “the banks of the dead”. Only the insidious undercurrents has already claimed dozens of lives, so be careful with the choice of beaches even at such fashionable resorts, such as Hawaii. Not all of them so blithely beautiful and safe as it may seem.

6. Beach Copacabana, Brazil

Well, on this lovely beach you can find is not at all dangerous wildlife, unpredictable ocean currents and even the high radiation! On Copacabana beach the most dangerous of all banal human factor is the high crime. Every year dozens of tourists are victims of crime. Danger lurks everywhere – on the beach, in hotels, on the streets of the coastal city. Prostitution, drug trafficking and even kidnapping of children are frequent in this place. In this difficult place and has the highest concentration of drug dealers and the mafia.

7. The Beach “Repulse Bay”, Hong Kong

This cute beach amazing…its garbage! Construction work that you possess here at the beginning of XX century, has led to this environmental disaster. Waste discharged directly into the water, made her incredibly dangerous. The name “Repulse Bay” means “the place where the gulls nest”. However, a Seagull to live here is simply impossible: algae are parasites that appeared in this polluted water kill all possible life.

8. Beaches of Queensland and the Tiwi Islands, Australia

These cute and calm beaches are among the most dangerous on Earth, and for good reason. Living here jellyfish are the most dangerous poison in animals. Burns are often received from these monsters, lead to death. Most often the victims of “sea wasps” are, sadly, children. Jellyfish are most active from mid-autumn to mid-spring, however, the cases of collisions with jellyfish were recorded in the summer. 12 children’s lives over the past 20 years has claimed waters of the Timor and Arafura seas that wash the beaches.

9. Beaches “Virginia beach”, USA

You look sweet redhead chanterelles? This is not always the case! And beaches “Virginia beach” what a striking proof. It is dangerous, they attack these cute little animals. Wild foxes attack people, bite them and scratch, which is fraught with various diseases, including rabies.

10. Beach Cable, Australia

Paradise beach can you’ll rendezvous with a far from angelic creatures – crocodiles. Monstrous reptiles attack people, and survive no one can. The current Australian law banning the hunting of crocodiles has forced authorities to close the beach.

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